Roundtable Update

News and information related to the Southwest Basin Roundtable, plus IBCC.

Southwest Basin Roundtable BIP Available for Review

The Southwest Basin Roundtable submitted their Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) to the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) to incorporate into the Statewide Colorado Water Plan (CWP). The Southwest BIP can be found on the CWCB website, under the "community" tab/page.

Water Resources Review Committee Meeting

More than 100 people attended an August 27th meeting in Durango to share their thoughts and concerns with the Colorado General Assembly’s Water Resources Review Committee (WRRC). The WRRC is conducting meetings around the state to collect comments about the Colorado Water Plan.

Southwest Basin Roundtable

At their May Southwest Basin Roundtable (SBR) meeting, John McClow, Colorado Commissioner on the Upper Colorado River Commission, gave a presentation on the history of the compacts guiding the administration of the Colorado River. John detailed the Lower Basin apportionment and Upper Basin compliance requirements resulting from these agreements, the sustained regional drought, and how the Law of the River has been adapted through the 2007 Interim Shortage Guidelines, and Minute 319 to temporarily address shortages. John explained the hydropower and operational impacts should Lake Powell’s elevation fall below the minimum power pool (see ‘Hydropower Production Threatened’ story under the water and energy section of this newsletter), and contingency plans currently being discussed to address those impacts. Roundtable members asked questions about the presentation. 

Statewide Roundtable Summit

The Colorado Statewide Roundtable Summit was conducted in Denver on March 6th. There were more than 300 in attendance.

Protecting Colorado’s Water Future--by Bruce Whitehead, Southwestern Water Conservation District

As an essential resource, water supports the open space provided by the state’s productive ranches and farms, brings us recreational activities such as boating and fishing, is the source of high quality

Public Input Sought on Colorado Water Plan

The following excerpts were written by Colorado State Senator Gail Schwartz and is reproduced here with her permission:

Hickenlooper Orders Colorado Agencies, Including Roundtables, to Create Water Plan

Governor Hickenlooper issued an Executive Order on May 15th directing the state to work on a new Colorado Water Plan to determine how to secure enough water supplies to meet urban and rural demands.

Draft Nonconsumptive Toolbox Request for Public Comment

The Interbasin Compact Commission (IBCC) requested that the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) develop a toolbox to help roundtables incorporate nonconsumptive needs into their Basin Implementation Plans. This is a resource document for the roundtables and other stakeholders and brings many documents and technical work together in one place. The draft report is available online at: