Historic Floods

June 29, 2014--Water panel identifies wish list (La Junta Tribune)

During the third annual Protein Producer Summit, a joint summer business meeting of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and the Colorado Livestock Association, four panelists shared a wish list of items they think could improve the state’s ability to fully capture and utilize its water resources. More storage is needed!

April 30, 2014--Colorado floods: State gets OK for $62.8 million recovery spending plan (Boulder Daily Camera)

Colorado's plans for spending $62.8 million in federal flood recovery grant dollars have been approved, state and federal officials announced Wednesday. The U.S.


Historically heavy September rains across parts of Colorado’s Front Range were called ‘biblical’ by the National Weather Service.

September 20, 2013--Massive rainfall alleviates drought (ourcoloradonews.com)

For the past few years the state has been in a drought and the last two summers it has experienced devastating wild land fires and record breaking temperatures. But that drought came to an end in a matter of days for parts of Colorado as rain pummeled the Front Range causing devastating flash flooding in 17 counties.

September 16, 2013--Floods destroy or damage more than 50 bridges in Colorado (Denver Post)

Thirty bridges have been reported destroyed and another 20 seriously damaged in flood-ravaged areas of Colorado, a state transportation official said Sunday. The Colorado Department of Transportation, which oversees every bridge in the state, expects the count to go up over the next few days, said Joshua Laipply, CDOT bridge engineer.

September 15, 2013--What caused deadly Colorado floods? (USA Today)

Colorado is no stranger to devastating and deadly flash floods, due to a lethal combination of geography and meteorology. When unusually heavy rain falls across the region, narrow canyons and steep mountains help funnel raging torrents of water down into the heavily populated foothills to the west and north of Denver.

September 15, 2013--Colorado floods created by hot September, long monsoon season (Denver Post)

Colorado's monsoon rain season almost always ends by August. This year it lingered into September. Its Front Range cities almost never swelter through 97-degree days in September. This year they did, creating conditions for a violent transition from intense heat to heavy rain. Warm air holds more water vapor. But the timing for the perfect storm had to be perfect.

September 14, 2013--Once again, Colorado floods take a historic toll (Denver Post)

After months of warnings about drought and tinder-dry forests ready to blow up in flame, the idea that rains would drop as much water over two or three days as falls in a typical year seemed fanciful when this week began. But after multiple fatalities and thousands of evacuations across a 150-mile swath of Colorado, the reality of another historic flood has left its tragic, lasting mark.

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