September 2, 2015--Water taste is result of 'turn over' in Vallecito, Bayfield reservoirs (Pine River Times)

Yuck. That's been a frequent verdict on the taste of Bayfield's water for the past couple of weeks. It's had an off taste, verging on metallic. Some people have switched for now to bottled or filtered water.

August 30, 2015--Antiquated mining law hamstrings cleanups (Durango Herald)

Outdated hard-rock mining laws enacted in the 1870s tie the hands of the federal government to curb pollution that contaminates water supplies, as was the case with the Gold King Mine spill. Perhaps the most significant deficiency comes in the form of a “free and open” provision of the Mining Law of 1872, otherwise known as a “right to mine.” Limited reforms have be

August 29, 2015--‘Not all mines are created the same’ (Durango Herald)

When the sickly orange plume of mine runoff barreled through downtown Durango on Aug.

August 28, 2015--‘Stigma’ from Gold King Mine spill into the Animas River could linger (Durango Herald)

Unsure of the economic losses the “stigma” of the Gold King Mine spill will have on businesses and property owners, an environmental litigation firm held a discussion Friday about the rights and remedies for affected interests. 

August 27, 2015--Wildlife officials survey Animas River fish in wake of Gold King Mine spill (Durango Herald)

Animas River fish populations were already on the decline when an estimated 3 million gallons of mine runoff contaminated its waters earlier this month.

August 26, 2015--Superfund listing divides Silverton residents (Durango Herald)

 The question of Superfund dominated the first meeting of the Animas River Stakeholders Group to take place since the Gold King Mine blowout, and the topic divided the hundred people from Silverton, Durango and even Denver who crowded into Silverton Town Hall on Tuesday night. Peter Butler, co-coordinator of the group, acknowledged that the group has never formally endorsed or

August 25, 2015--Silverton and San Juan County seek quick-fix government funding (Colorado Independent)

The Town of Silverton and San Juan County plan to ask the federal government for quick-fix, disaster-relief funding to help counteract the impacts of the huge spill of acid mine drainage that turned the Animas River an alarming yellow earlier this month. Town and county officials passed a joint resolution Monday and Tuesday that calls for teaming up with affected downstream parties in the

August 24, 2015--Water fight stirs up old rivalries in Colorado (Wall Street Journal)

As many as 60,000 tourists raft the Colorado River above this scenic canyon town each summer, and local boosters want to keep them coming—by diverting some of the river’s flow to feed a new network of white-water recreation parks.

August 24, 2015--Mining laws need to change (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Beneath the acidic, toxic, yellow water spilling from the Gold King Mine into the Animas River, there are broader implications.

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