May 3, 2013--Drought across the West spurs resurgence of faith (Denver Post)

Along the irrigation canal that cuts through this centuries-old New Mexico town, a small group of churchgoers gathers to recite the rosary before tossing rose petals into the water.

May 2, 2013--Summer forecast: Wet in the East, hot & dry in the West (USA Today)

A summer weather forecast released this morning by AccuWeather finds that while much of the eastern half of the USA should see cooler and wetter conditions than last summer, the West will bear the brunt of this summer's drought and heat.

April 26, 2013--Drought divide is taking shape across the USA (USA Today)

The nation is seeing a sharp divide between dry and wet as summer approaches: While the eastern USA is almost entirely drought-free, drought continues to persist and intensify in much of the country to the west of the Mississippi River. Many areas of the West are ending the wet season with "bleak spring runoff prospects and increasing drought concerns," according to this week's U.S.

April 24, 2013--Jackson Gulch water content is low (Cortez Journal)

As of Monday, Jackson Gulch Reservoir's content was low, real low. "This is the lowest I have seen it and I have been here 23 years," said Gary Kennedy, Superintendent Mancos Water Conservancy District. As of Monday, the content of Jackson Gulch was 2,350 acre feet or 23.5 percent, with an inflow at about 20 cubic feet per second.

April 21, 2013--Earth's current warmth not seen in the last 1,400 years or more, says study (Science Daily)

Fueled by industrial greenhouse gas emissions, Earth's climate warmed more between 1971 and 2000 than during any other three-decade interval in the last 1,400 years, according to new regional temperature reconstructions covering all seven continents.

April 19, 2013--State tanker fleet OK with feds (Durango Herald)

The U.S. Forest Service supports a Colorado state Senate bill that would allow Colorado to buy its own firefighting air-tanker fleet, an agency spokeswoman said. State senators, worried about another bad wildfire season and a diminished federal air-tanker fleet, advanced a bill last week that would spend $25 million to create the Colorado Firefighting Air Corps.

April 19, 2013--Sen. Udall seeks drought aid (Cortez Journal)

Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry on Monday asking the committee to add funding for livestock disaster assistance programs to the 2013 Farm Bill.

April 15, 2013--Drought poses challenges for chile growers in NM (Denver Post)

The worst-ever Rio Grande drought is posing plenty of challenges this season for chile growers in New Mexico. The Las Cruces Sun-News reports that one challenge is groundwater that's applied to crops in the absence of river water is saltier. Such water tends to stunt plants and hurt the overall yield of crops. "It's affecting all crops.

April 12, 2013--Climatologist airs brighter drought outlook for Colorado (Loveland Reporter)

Colorado's chief climate expert told an anxious group of farmers and Front Range water managers Thursday that early spring weather gives rise to some drought optimism.

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