October 16, 2013--‘We’ve been punched in the face’ (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado has suffered through drought, wildfires and floods in the six months since Gov. John Hickenlooper ordered up a state water plan. While simply having a plan would not have prevented any of it, state response might have improved if a plan were in hand. “We know the plan isn’t a silver bullet.

October 15, 2013--Hefty cost for water systems (Northern Colorado Business Report)

Cities and water districts are on the hook for at least $13.5 million to repair water and sewage systems ripped apart by floods that struck Northern Colorado in September. The city of Evans was among the hardest hit: The cost of a new wastewater treatment plant to replace the badly damaged plant will cost as much as $7 million, Evans spokeswoman Kristan Williams said.

October 14, 2013--As flood waters recede, ski areas step up cloud-seeding efforts (Colorado Independent)

Knowing that water is the key to the circle of life, humans for millennia have implored their gods to deliver rain and snow — not catastrophic week-long downpours, but life-giving, field-soaking, stream-replenishing precipitation. The Maya retreated deep into sacred caves when the weather turned dry, even sacrificing their own brethren in desperate times.


Historically heavy September rains across parts of Colorado’s Front Range were called ‘biblical’ by the National Weather Service.

October 11, 2013--What exactly is a 1,000-year rainfall? (Denver Post)

Do you know how to make a meteorologist squirm? Ask for hard numbers immediately after a flood or a big rainfall, especially something like the September deluge that drenched many parts of Colorado's Front Range with 10 inches of rain in just a few days.

October 8, 2013--Protecting Colorado's water future (Journal Advocate)

The recent flooding in northeast Colorado has drawn our attention to the importance of planning for uncertainty, especially when it comes to water. Whether one lives on the West Slope, the Eastern Plains or the Front Range, water is what makes Colorado's productive farms and ranches, our thriving recreational industry, our beautiful environment and our vibrant cities possible.

October 7, 2013--Heavy rain that caused flooding in September also greatly eased drought conditions (9 News)

Rain described as "unprecedented" by Denver Water has filled area reservoirs to levels well above the average for this time of year. Water levels in the reservoirs that serve Denver Water customers are up almost 20 percent from this time last year. "The amount of rain and increase in reservoir storage was unprecedented for September.

October 3, 2013--Relocating rivers? Water providers, officials facing rare challenge (Greeley Tribune)

Water officials and water providers face a rare predicament following last month’s historic flood.

September 26, 2013--Colorado flooding was 'unprecedented' (USA today)

Some of the flooding that ravaged Colorado earlier this month was "unprecedented," according to a preliminary assessment issued by government and university scientists Wednesday. The report was prepared by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) in Boulder, Colo.

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