May 29, 2011--Rafters keeping nervous eye on snowmelt (Durango Herald)

Swollen rivers fed by huge amounts of snow still waiting to melt off mountaintops have Colorado rafting guides bracing for a season that could be spectacular – or disastrous if the runs are too dangerous for rafting. The Coloradoan newspaper reports that Poudre River rafting companies are

May 27, 2011--NWS bulletin urges caution around rivers, streams (Pagosa Sun)

People are being warned to avoid flooded areas, and especially stay away from banks along swollen and flooded waterways. Spring snowmelt has caused high flows on many rivers and creeks in western Colorado and eastern Utah.

May 26, 2011--Weather Service wary of June flooding in Colorado (Denver Post)

As heavy piles of snow wait in the mountains and most rivers are still running at or below normal — at a time they should be raging — the National Weather Service warns that June could bring flooding to Colorado.

May 22, 2011--Record snowpacks could threaten Western states (New York Times)

For all the attention on epic flooding in the Mississippi Valley, a quiet threat has been growing here in the West where winter snows have piled up on mountain ranges throughout the region.

May 8, 2011--La Nina rules the West: Record snow year brings wild mixture of flood risk, drought and fire (Washington Post)

The winter and early spring have been extreme across the West, with record snowpacks bringing joy to skiers and urban water managers but severe flood risks to northern Utah, Wyoming and Montana. And despite all the wet weather in the Rockies and Sierra Nevada, parts of eastern Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona are in severe drought and gearing up for what is forecast as a bad fire season.

May 5, 2011--Flooding feared amid runoff from record Colorado snowpack (Denver Post)

A record Colorado snowpack has the potential to cause record flooding this spring if it doesn't start trickling off the mountains soon, and federal agencies are watching n

April 22, 2011--What consumers need to know before flood waters rise (CNN)

Is your neighborhood at risk from flood? Have you assumed that your homeowners or renters policy will replace your possessions if they are lost or damaged by a flood? The Colorado Division of Insurance reminds people to take stock of their belongings and check their insurance policies before the water starts to rise in their neighborhood.