June 16, 2009--Udall aims to repair irrigation problems (Durango Herald)

On Monday, he proposed a bill that, if passed, will repair the decrepit system that pumps irrigation water from Vallecito Dam to serve a 13,000-acre tribal and nontribal area.

June 16, 2009--Greeley water pipeline project put off-track (Denver Post)

A 130-year-old railroad grade and two women with their heels dug in have stalled progress on the city of Greeley's $80 million water pipeline project.

June 16, 2009--Water risks ripple through the beverage industry (NY Times)

As environmental worries cut into sales from traditionally lucrative bottled water, beverage companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle and SABMiller are becoming more attuned to the risks of negative consumer environmental perceptions.

June 15, 2009--Conservation among keys to coping with water woes (Denver Post)

Quenching the growing demand for water in the warming West will require a bigger push for conservation, innovative technology and a rethinking of supply and demand, Western governors and water experts said

June 11, 2009--Front Range eyes mountain water (Durango Telegraph)

Mountain towns in the Rockies have a symbiotic relationship with Denver and other cities along Colorado’s urbanized, Front Range corridor. It is typically also one of ambivalence.

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