June 19, 2009--Crapo warns he'll filibuster clean water bill (Denver Post)

U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo is threatening to use "every tool and privilege" he has to slow or stop federal legislation aimed at bolstering the federal Clean Water Act.

June 16, 2009--Udall aims to repair irrigation problems (Durango Herald)

On Monday, he proposed a bill that, if passed, will repair the decrepit system that pumps irrigation water from Vallecito Dam to serve a 13,000-acre tribal and nontribal area.

June 16, 2009--Greeley water pipeline project put off-track (Denver Post)

A 130-year-old railroad grade and two women with their heels dug in have stalled progress on the city of Greeley's $80 million water pipeline project.

June 16, 2009--Water risks ripple through the beverage industry (NY Times)

As environmental worries cut into sales from traditionally lucrative bottled water, beverage companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle and SABMiller are becoming more attuned to the risks of negative consumer environmental perceptions.

June 15, 2009--Conservation among keys to coping with water woes (Denver Post)

Quenching the growing demand for water in the warming West will require a bigger push for conservation, innovative technology and a rethinking of supply and demand, Western governors and water experts said

June 11, 2009--Front Range eyes mountain water (Durango Telegraph)

Mountain towns in the Rockies have a symbiotic relationship with Denver and other cities along Colorado’s urbanized, Front Range corridor. It is typically also one of ambivalence.

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