January 14, 2011--The people have spoken (Durango Herald)

For the first time since Lake Nighthorse began filling close to two years ago, a picture of what recreation will look like at the reservoir began to emerge after two days of workshops and meetings. In a couple of months, planners at Durango-based DHM Design will return a completed picture for review by the public and water authorities. Final approval will take a few more months. Here’s a rough sketch of the plan:

durango coloradoThe lake will have places for water craft ranging from power boats to canoes and kayaks. Only Jet Skis would be banned.
durango coloradoA beach will be available for swimmers, and other areas will be designated for nonboating activities.
durango coloradoTrails will accommodate hikers, cyclists and equestrians.
durango coloradoA boat ramp, already installed on the northeast shore, will provide access for boaters and anglers.