May 21, 2013--A brief history of America’s fluoride wars (Washington Post)

The fluoridation war is alive in Portland, Ore. The city is one of the few major American cities that does not fluoridate its water supply. It is now in the middle of a heated battle about whether to change that. While the Portland City Council voted last fall to reverse policy and begin fluoridating the city’s water, it drew the ire of anti-fluoride activists, who gathered the 20,000 signatures required to put the issue on the ballot. The fight has drawn comment from bands including the Dandy Warhols (anti-fluoridation) and the Decemberists (pro-fluoridation.). In Portland, the fluoride vote will happen Tuesday and the most recent polls have the anti-fluoride camp up 50 percent to 43 percent. If Portland voters reject fluoridated water, it will follow in the path of many cities before it. Forty-four cities around the world – l