Great Basin Water Network

April 27, 2012--Las Vegas water grab challenged in court (Summit Voice)

Nowhere is water more precious than the desert, where a tiny oasis can be the only source of sustenance in thousands of acres. Most people intuitively understand the value of water in dry regions, but Las Vegas and Nevada state water officials just don’t get it.

August 18, 2009--Utah critics blast gag order on Nevada water talks (Denver Post)

The Millard County Commission also is sharpening its criticism of the plan, saying it gives away too much Utah water and isn't nearly as equitable as the Utah Department of Natural Resources claims.

August 9, 2008--Major water ruling challenged (Denver Post)

Opponents of a state decision to allow 6.1 billion gallons of water a year to be pumped from three rural Nevada valleys and piped to Las Vegas went to court Friday to challenge the decision.

July 26, 2008--Major Nevada water ruling issued (U.S. Water News)

A bid to pump more than 11 billion gallons of groundwater a year from three rural Nevada valleys to Las Vegas was cut to just over 6 billion gallons and approved by the state's water engineer.