Sierra Nevada Mountains

May 18, 2014--Is groundwater depletion in the Central Valley causing the Sierra Nevada to grow faster? (Summit Voice)

After crunching the numbers from a global earth-monitoring network, University of Nevada, Reno scientists say rapid depletion of groundwater in California’s Central Valley is accelerating uplift of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The draining of the aquifer causes upward flexing of the earth’s surface, including the surrounding mountains.

January 31, 2014--California snowpack hits record low (Los Angeles Times)

Even with the first significant storm in nearly two months dropping snow on the Sierra Nevada, Thursday's mountain snowpack measurements were the lowest for the date in more than a half-century of record keeping.

January 17, 2014--California faces water shortages and wildfires as “mega-drought” gets even worse (Solon)

The year 2013 was California’s driest on record, featuring the least rainfall since the state started keeping track in 1849. And so far, 2014 is off to a bad start. A full 63 percent of the state is in extreme drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor — up from 23 percent just last week and extending into northwestern Nevada.

January 7, 2014--How will the Golden State face an epic drought? (Huff Post)

In 2013 Californian cities and towns shattered many all-time dry records, some by staggering deficits. For instance, San Francisco received 3.38 inches of precipitation its lowest mark since the inception of continuous record keeping began in 1849 -- The Gold Rush. The normal annual San Francisco rainfall is 20.65 inches.

January 3, 2014--Meager Sierra snowpack is way below average (Los Angeles Times)

The signs aren’t good when the chief of California’s snow survey has to walk over bare ground to take a snowpack measurement in the Sierra Nevada, as Frank Gehrke did Friday near Echo Summit.

December 19, 2013--Water wars began in SF 100 years ago (NBC)

There's a lot of water pressure in San Francisco. Behind every turn of the faucet, there's 100 years of contentious history. Dec. 19, 1913, was when President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Raker Act, which allowed San Francisco to begin drawing its water from as-yet unbuilt Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park.

August 8, 2013--Climate change woes already widespread in California, study says (Los Angeles Times)

California is feeling the effects of climate change far and wide as heat-trapping greenhouse gases reduce spring runoff from the Sierra Nevada, make the waters of Monterey Bay more acidic and shorten winter chill periods required to grow fruit and nuts in the Central Valley, a new report says.

June 24, 2013--Los Angeles plans to clean up polluted groundwater (Los Angeles Times)

The thirsty metropolis of Los Angeles plans to slash its use of imported water and instead spend up to $800 million to create drinking water pulled from one of the nation's largest Superfund pollution sites. The Department of Water and Power will build the world's largest groundwater treatment centers over the San Fernando Basin, the Los Angeles Times reported.

March 13, 2013--Spring forecast: Wet in Corn Belt, but dry in the West (USA Today)

The weather pattern across the USA this spring appears to be "vastly different than last March, and will translate to a more favorable growing season for agriculture" in many areas, according to a spring forecast released Wednesday by private forecasting company AccuWeather.

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