Invasive Species

March 31, 2010--Mussel watch: State finds less, expects more (Pueblo Chieftain)

Two years ago, after larvae of zebra mussels were confirmed at Lake Pueblo, the state mobilized to stop the spread of invasive aquatic species. The public education and inspection campaigns have apparently paid off, as little evidence of zebra or quagga mussels was found in the state in 2009, according to a recent report by the Division of Wildlife to the state Legislature.

March 6, 2010--Bennet sponsors bill for invasive species (Greeley Times)

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., is the co-sponsor of a bill introduced Friday that will help municipalities and agencies fighting non-native invasive species that threaten Colorado's land and water supply. Those include tamarisk, zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil and Russian olive, Bennet said in a press release.

January 31, 2010--Tough choices follow in wake of invasive species (Washington Post)

Which is worse? Closing two locks on a waterway that's used to ship millions of dollars' worth of goods from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi basin? Or allowing a voracious Asian carp to deplete the food supply of native fish sustaining a Midwestern fishing industry that nets $7 billion a year?

January 19, 2010--Supreme Court rejects Michigan's motion to block invasive carp (Environmental News Service)

Asian carp are closing in on Lake Michigan, but today the U.S. Supreme Court denied a request by the state of Michigan for a preliminary injunction that would have forced the emergency closure of Chicago-area locks to keep the invaders out of the Great Lakes.

January 11, 2010--Technology, mussels could halt wastewater project (Denver Post)

Local government managers are urging elected officials to force the Clean Water Coalition to scrap a plan for an $860 million pipeline to pump treated wastewater into Lake Mead. The coalition project was once seen as a way to better mix wastewater with lake water, by pumping the treated water deep into the lake.

January 9, 2010--NASA study: Lake Tahoe water temps warmer (Denver Post)

A recent NASA study showed Lake Tahoe's water is warming twice as quickly as regional air temperature, lending weight to predictions of warming lake temperatures made by UC Davis researchers in 2008.

December 21, 2009--Michigan asks U.S. Supreme Court to bar carp from Great Lakes (Environmental News Service)

The State of Michigan filed a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court today to close canals near Chicago to prevent invasive Asian carp from gaining access to the Great Lakes through Lake Michigan. Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox asked the U.S.

December 11, 2009--Pollution crimes cost Greek shipper $2.7 million, ships barred from USA (Environmental News Service)

Polembros Shipping Ltd., a Greek ship management company, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court in New Orleans to pay a $2.7 million criminal fine for violating anti-pollution laws, ship safety laws, and making false statements during a U.S. Coast Guard investigation of the cargo ship M/V Theotokos.

November 21, 2009--Asian carp may be near U.S. Great Lakes (Environmental News Network)

There are signs Asian carp may have breached barriers designed to keep the prolific fish out of the Great Lakes, which could spell ecological disaster for the vital source of fresh water, authorities said on Fri

October 9, 2009--Arkansas River Valley producers battle tamarisk with aerial spraying (La Junta Ag Journal)

Producers along the Arkansas River from Canon City to the state line past Holly, have undertaken a project to rid their land from tamarisk or salt cedar. They can't count on Mother Nature for help because tamarisk is not native to this country and that means it has no natural enemies.

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