Archive - Jan 2007


January 26th

January 15, 2007--Utility Aims to Put Water Underground (Albuquerque Journal)

The Albuquerque city-county water utility is investigating the effectiveness of recharging the aquifer by dumping river water into an arroyo, where it will seep into the ground naturally. The method could be a good way to store water underground--a savings account of sorts that could be tapped later.

January 23, 2007--Tapping Used Water (Denver Post)

The city of Aurora is working on a $754 million Prairie Waters Project to extract water from the South Platte River, treat it and pipe it to customers--a process that will increase Aurora's water supply by 20 percent. "This is the wave of the future," said Glenn Bodnar, drinking-water specialist for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

January 15, 2007--Water Issues Everywhere for '07 Session (Albuquerque Journal)

The Year of Water legislative session is likely to be largely about money--money for everything from large regional water supply projects to river restoration and Indian water rights settlements. Gov. Bill Richardson has outline a $100 million agenda for water issues.

January 19, 2007--A Boost for Water Quality (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Among the more disappointing outcomes of last year's legislative session was the razor-thin defeat of legislation that would allow water court judges--but not require water court judges--to consider the effects that major water transfers from their original basins of origin to other parts of the state would have on water quality...The Western Slope has suffered a major diminution in water quality

January 18, 2007--Whitewater Park Would Help to Protect West Slope Water (Grand Junction Sentinel)

[EDITORIAL] Backers of the proposed Palisade whitewater park have some extra time to encourage the Mesa County Commission and others to provide the project with much-needed funding. The Colorado River Basin Roundtable, however, rejected a funding request on the rationale that the park would not generate any wet water.

January 18, 2007--Yampa River Eyed in Possible Use for Front Range Cities (Grand Junction Sentinel)

The Northern Colorado Water Conservation District is studying a plan to suck water out of the Yampa River below Maybell and draw it east. It's not that Northern wants the water.

January 22, 2007--An Attack on Ranch Water Rights (Helena Independent Record)

The system governing water rights in the West has been in place for over a century in order to help conserve and allocate scarce water resources.

January 15, 2007--Blue in the Face Over Blue Mesa Reservoir (Grand Junction Sentinel)

[EDITORIAL] Transmountain water diversions from the Western Slope to the Front Range, particularly prospective transmountain water diversions...[typically generates controversy].

January 25th

January 18, 2007--Water Pollution Suite Aims to Make Dams' Cost Prohibitive (Rocky Mountain News)

Conservationists are increasing pressure on PacificCorp to remove hydroelectric dams from Klamath River to help struggling salmon runs, warning they will sue to stop pollutions from a fish hatchery the utility owns...The aim of a suit would be to make PacifiCorp pay to upgrade the hatchery...PacificCorp is based in Portland and serves 1.6 million customers in six western states.

January 17, 2007--Colorado River District Board Cites Concerns with Yampa Diversion Project (CRWCD)

The Colorado River District Board of Directors expressed concerns about environmental and water supply issues stemming from the Yampa Diversion Project that a preliminary study says could pump up to 300,000 acre-feet of water from the Yampa River to the Front Range. The projcet is the subject of a reconnaissance study funded by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.