Archive - Feb 2007

February 28th

February 23, 2007--Unusual summer sizzle may mean water woes (Albuquerque Tribune)

...One of the clearest warming trends is in the Southwest U.S...That is the standard prediction for most seasons in the Southwest because of global warming trends. The bigger issue related to that, however, is how rising temperatures will affect water in the West, as snowpack melts earlier in the year and starts to build up later.

February 22, 2007--Necessity of new reservoirs debated (Rocky Mountain News)

Climate change may mean less water in Colorado rivers and streams, but experts can't agree on whether building more reservoirs is a wise investment or a waste of billions...Weather researchers said that climate trends argue against building more reservoirs that rely on the Colorado River.

February 21, 2007--Lake County looks at jumping into districts (Pueblo Chieftain)

Lake County voters may decide this year whether to join one of three water conservancy districts, or possibly even form their own. The process started in 2005, when county voters asked commissioners to investigate joining either the Upper Arkansas or Southeastern Colorado water conservancy districts.

February 21, 2007--Report warns water crisis looming in arid Southwest (USA Today)

The fast-growing states of the arid Southwest must plan for more severe droughts because of a regional warming trend that shows no signs of dissipating, says a new assessment of the Colorado River's water supply. The report says agriculture, which uses 80% of the West's water, is the likeliest target for shifting water supplies to growing urban areas.

February 19, 2007--Attempt to alter New Mexico water rules fails in House (Farmington Daily times)

A bill designed to clarify rules and enforcement procedures for the State Engineer's Office in issuing compliance orders was defeated 37-26.

February 18, 2007--Salazar bill aims at repairing dams (Pueblo Chieftain)

A bill that will create a federal funding program to repair the nation's unsafe public dams is bing reintroduced in Congress...The Dam Rehabilitation and Repair Act, HR1098, has been reintroduced to address the critical threat deteriorating dams pose to many communities throughout the country...If enacted, the Act would establish a program to fund dam rehabilitation, repairs and removal; enact a p

February 27th

February 17, 2007--Water wars keep board busy (Cortez Journal)

The state's new director of natural resources has made his first big move on water controversies, siding with conservationists in a fight over kayak parks and the role of the Colorado Water Conservation Board. The CWCB has asked the Legislature for $150,000 to study recreational in-channel diversions, less than a year after a law to regulate kayak parks went into effect.

February 14, 2007--Good news, average news (Albuquerque Journal)

...On the Rio Grande, New Mexico's largest river, the snowpack forecast is just average--not nearly enough to overcome a deficit at Elephant Butte Reservoir left by years of subpar precipitation and heavy water use...The current forecast comes two-thirds of the way through the winter snowpack season, meaning much could still change before the snow melts.

February 26th

February 26, 2007--Shrinking water supplies threaten national security (Family Farm Alliance)

[ISSUES ALERT] Western agriculture at risk from climate change and competing water demands.

February 24th

January 22, 2007--Glenwood Springs residents sample creek water to help preserve quality (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

...A study released late last year by the Roaring Fork Conservancy identified Four Mile Creek as one of several in the valley likely to see increased pollution...Water samples from Four Mile Creek showed high levels of dissolved oxygen, selenium, manganese and aluminum. The high levels likely come from agricultural and development activities, along with the area's natural geology.