Archive - 2007

December 28th

December 27, 2007--Regional projects get funding (Durango Herald)

Funding for numerous projects in Southwest Colorado is included in the 2008 Omnibus Appropriation Bill signed by President Bush on Wednesday. The projects and associated funding include: $60.39 million for continued work on the Animas-La Plata Project;  $1.57 million for the expansion of Mesa Verde National Park;  $980,000 for improvements to U.S.

December 27, 2007--Measure targets Front Range water use (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

In an attempt to limit growth and water use along the Eastern Slope, two Front Range men have drafted ballot language to cap the amount of new water local governments can allot for residential uses.

December 27, 2007--Combustion waste angers residents (Cortez Journal)

Each year, power plants in the United States collectively kick out enough coal combustion waste (CCW) to fill a train of coal cars stretching from Manhattan to Los Angeles and back three and a half times. It’s stored in lagoons next to power plants, buried in old coal mines and sometimes just piled up in the open where it gets washed into an aroyo or leach into the ground.

December 27, 2007--Company fined for Buckley stormwater violations (Denver Post)

A Texas company has been fined $39,000 for violating stormwater regulations at the Buckley Air Force Base housing project in Aurora. The Denver office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says Hunt Building Company of El Paso (Texas ) has already paid the fine.

December 27, 2007--Report: Amonium finding its way into Rocky Mountain region parks (Denver Post)

A nitrogen compound associated with fertilizer and other agricultural activity is finding its way into national parks in the Rocky Mountain region. Ammonium can subtly change the ecosystems of lakes, ponds and alpine meadows. Ammonia is made of nitrogen and hydrogen. When it mixes with water, it becomes ammonium.

December 27, 2007--Bill would give state more authority over cloud seeding efforts (Denver Post)

Draft legislation would give Wyoming more oversight of efforts to modify the weather to produce more rain and snowfall. Such efforts include cloud seeding, which involves pumping silver nitrate into clouds to get them to produce precipitation. Currently the State Engineer's Office reviews applications and grants permits for weather modification programs.

December 27th

December 2007--Something new for Tempe's Town Lake, treated wastewater (U.S. Water News Online)

Tempe officials say they will soon be filling Town Lake with treated wastewater. Although it may not sound appealing, city officials say reclaimed wastewater would actually be cleaner than the water currently flowing into Town Lake. Tempe wants to fill the lake with treated sewer water as a way of conserving the drinking water supply.

December 2007--Nation's largest irrigation district buys Yolo County ranch (U.S. Water News Online)

The nation's largest irrigation district is buying 3,450 acres in southern Yolo County (CA) to restore wetlands and wildlife habitat and ease pressure on the state's water system. Westlands Water District is buying the ranch in the environmentally sensitive Yolo Bypass south of Davis for $12 million.

December 2007--Merck to pay $20M for polluting Philadelphia drinking supply (U.S. Water News Online)

A pharmaceutical company will pay more than $20 million for multiple Clean Water Act violations stemming from three chemical spills, one of which killed more than 1,000 fish and forced the city to temporarily shut off drinking water intakes. Based in Whitehouse Station, N.J., Merck & Co. Inc.

December 2007--Water shortage hits nearly 1M people in China (U.S. Water News Online)

Nearly one million people lack drinking water in a southern Chinese province that is suffering its worst water shortage in more than 50 years due to insufficient rain, state media said.