Archive - 2007

December 21st

December 19, 2007--Water demand sinking SoCal valley (Washington Post)

This desert oasis east of Los Angeles sold itself for decades on water and all the luxury it brings: strings of emerald golf courses, lush resorts and manicured neighborhoods with sparkling pools. Now, the region that water built suddenly finds itself on shifting ground _ and in danger of drying up.

December 20, 2007--Proposed $96M system would give Dryside water (Durango Herald)

A new water company has plans to use water from the Animas-La Plata Project and build a $96.4 million water-delivery system for as many as 3,600 homes in the Dryside of La Plata County. Nothing is guaranteed, said Mark Langford, president of La Plata West Water Authority.

December 19th

December 19, 2007--County creates new water authority (Durango Herald)

La Plata County commissioners on Tuesday formally brought into existence the Lake Durango Water Authority with the approval of an agreement to govern the body. The agreement among the county and Durango West I and II subdivisions establishes the authority, which was created to take over operations of the private company that supplies those and other nearby subdivisions.

December 19, 2007--Surface water users object to valley plan (Pueblo Chieftain)

An attorney for one of the objectors to a plan that would cut groundwater use in the north-central San Luis Valley said Monday that the proposal didn't do enough to protect surface water users. Tim Buchanan, legal counsel for the San Antonio, Los Pinos and the Conejos River Acequia Preservation Association, criticized the plan for lacking specifics.

December 19, 2007--Area water projects included in measure (Pueblo Chieftain)

Funds for two area water projects are included in the omnibus bill now moving toward the White House after passage Tuesday by the U.S. Senate. The bill would provide $600,000 for continued planning of the Arkansas Valley Conduit and $149,000 to complete the Fountain Creek Watershed Plan, according to U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo.

December 19, 2007--No water for the hot tub in Summit County (Denver Post)

The increasing demand for a limited amount of water in the state has prompted crackdowns on illegal use by everyone from second-home owners in resort areas to ranchers on the Eastern Plains.

December 19, 2007--PG&E to get watts from waves (LA Times)

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. went surfing Tuesday, becoming the first U.S. utility to commit to buying electricity generated by the tumult of the sea. The San Francisco-based company, which this year proposed a test facility for producing power from ocean waves, said the electricity in its new contract would come from a wave project planned by Canada's Finavera Renewables Inc.

December 18th

December 18, 2007--A-LP partners working out operations (Durango Herald)

The topping-out ceremony last month on construction of the Animas-La Plata Project dam - 39 years after Congress approved the project - served notice on agencies planning to use water from the reservoir behind the dam that there still is work to be done. In addition to the newly formed La Plata West Water Authority - created to deliver drinking water to the Dryside portion of the county

December 18, 2007--City's plan would redirect sewage outflow (Durango Herald)

In a no-discussion action, Durango city councilors took the first step in early December to redirect the outflow of the city's sewage-treatment plant into the Animas River farther downstream. Although the discharge from the plant has been treated to remove contaminants, city officials want to make sure the water being sucked into a new reservoir southwest of Durango stays clean.

December 2007--New York company proposes moving water to Rio Grande (U.S. Water News)

A New York company wants to move water from Catron County into the Rio Grande, a plan that has upset residents in southwestern New Mexico. Augustin Plains Ranch LLC proposes to pump billions of gallons of water into the Rio Grande.