Archive - Sep 14, 2008


September 11, 2008--City proposal to dump water draws concern (Durango Herald)

City officials plan to funnel thousands of gallons of storm water from the northeast quadrant of Durango into a private pond that is home to wildlife in the Animas Valley.

September 11, 2008--Uranium mill may wrest river water (Norwood Post)

The good thing about the proposed uranium mill outside of Naturita is that it is situated far above and away from any water the facility would potentially contaminate.

September 11, 2008--L.A. County wrestles with gas-well water question (Pueblo Chieftain)

Officials in Las Animas County don’t want a one-size-fits-all regulation for water produced by drilling for natural gas. Water users in the county gain millions of gallons of water every day from gas wells, County Commissioner Ken Torres told the Arkansas Basin Roundtable Wednesday.

September 11, 2008--Healthy Rivers plan will be sent to Army Corps of Engineers (Loveland Reporter Herald)

A band of residents who want to prevent Glade Reservoir believe 15 cites and water districts can find water for future growth from conservation and fallowing instead of from the “already stressed” Poudre River.

September 11, 2008--Court mulls water dispute in coal bed drilling (Sterling Journal Advocate)

A case with potentially far-reaching effects on Colorado’s oil and gas industry will be decided by the Colorado Supreme Court. The court heard arguments Wednesday in a dispute over water that’s pumped from the ground in order to draw natural gas out of coal beds. The justices are expected to rule later.

September 11, 2008--Work begins on Santa Fe water diversion project (Denver Post)

Construction has begun on a water diversion project in Santa Fe. City officials say it will become the main water source for the capital city and surrounding Santa Fe County. 

September 11, 2008--EPA to develop stricter standards for ocean water (NY Times)

Beachgoers will be told more about whether it's safe to go in the water under a court settlement between environmentalists and the EPA.

September 11, 2008--Saltwater solutions to save crops (Environmental News Network)

Technology under development at the University of New South Wales could offer new hope to farmers in drought-affected and marginal areas by enabling crops to grow using salty groundwater.