Archive - Sep 25, 2008


September 24, 2008--Broderick gets award from Reclamation (Pueblo Chieftain)

Jim Broderick, executive director of the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District, was recently awarded the John W. Keys III award by the Bureau of Reclamation.

September 23, 2008--Endangered fish habitat may be aided with changes to Aspinall flows (Montrose Daily Press)

Changes in the amount of water released from the Aspinall Unit could be altered to benefit endangered fish in the Gunnison River. The EIS will evaluate impacts on hydropower, flood control, recreational fisheries, reservoir levels, existing water uses and endangered species.

September 23, 2008--EPA won't limit toxic pollutant in drinking water (Denver Post)

The Environmental Protection Agency has decided there's no need to rid drinking water of a toxic rocket fuel ingredient that has fouled public water supplies around the country.