Archive - 2008

December 15th

December 9, 2008--Oil spill off California reminder of offshore drilling danger (Environmental News Service)

More than 70 people from federal, state and private sector organizations worked today to clean up an undetermined amount of oil that spilled from a platform off the coast of Santa Barbara County on Sunday.

December 8, 2008--Stevens Dam completed (Pagosa Springs Daily Post)

The Stevens Reservoir enlargement project process began nearly twenty years ago in 1989 with preliminary engineering and survey work.  In 1997, PAWSD finalized negotiations on the acquisition of prope

December 8th

December 7, 2008--Colorado Springs digging around Pueblo Dam (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado Springs is moving ahead with engineering studies below Pueblo Dam that will be used in the design phase of the Southern Delivery System.

December 7, 2008--Coalition seeks alternative to federal designation for upper Colorado River (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Local control is the goal of a broad coalition that is seeking an alternative to federal wild and scenic river designation for portions of the Colorado River upstream of Glenwood Springs.

December 6, 2008--Kansas gets sneak peek at ag rules (Pueblo Chieftain)

Sharing unfinished rules for surface irrigators with Kansas is a way to head off future objections from Colorado’s neighbor on how water is used in the Arkansas River basin, state Engineer Dick Wolfe

December 5, 2008--Watershed report details river damage (Aspen Daily News)

Humans have been hard on the Roaring Fork River and its tributaries, according to a new report. We’ve drained water from the headwaters and sent it east. We’ve diverted water to grow hay.

December 5, 2008--Feds test Poudre water for man-made chemicals; find treatment fails to remove most (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

A new federal report that surveyed seven rivers across the United States, including the Poudre, and found that man-made chemicals and compounds remain in the water even after it is treated for drinking.

December 5, 2008--Digging up trees to save water (Yuma Pioneer)

Much has been made of the several methods being used by Colorado to come into compliance with the Republican River Compact. There is the multi-million dollar compliance pipeline project (still on hold

December 5, 2008--Climate change, drought to strain Colorado River (Denver Post)

Seven Western states will face more water shortages in the years ahead as climate change exacerbates the strains drought and a growing population have put on the Colorado River, scientists say.