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June 30th

June 29, 2009--Corps weighs impacts on Poudre River (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

Plans to build and operate a 60-inch water pipeline from Bellvue to Greeley are being affected by other projects that would draw water from the Poudre River, including the controversial Glade Reservoir.

June 29, 2009--Salazar assigns deputy as Calif. water czar (Denver Post)

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Sunday announced several steps he hoped would ease the toll of the state's water shortage on farmers, and said he would assign a top deputy to help find solutions.

June 28, 2009--Battle over water heats up in San Joaquin Valley (Denver Post)

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is coming here to ground zero in the state's fight over dwindling water resources Sunday as agriculture and environmental interests have become increasingly polarized.

June 27, 2009--County OK with Bass in river (Aspen Daily News)

Texas billionaire Ed Bass persuaded four out of five Pitkin County commissioners this week to approve his plan of using a trackhoe to reshape the Roaring Fork River channel where it runs along his property

June 27, 2009--Ute Reservoir commission looks to conservation (Denver Post)

The Ute Reservoir Water Commission is asking engineers to present ways to conserve water during drought to keep the water level from dropping in Ute Lake to the point communities would not be allowed to wi

June 27, 2009--Activists hot over senator's stance on oyster farm (Denver Post)

A powerful Senate Democrat is backing an oyster farmer over the National Park Service in a northern California controversy that has environmentalists seething.

June 27, 2009--House passes climate bill (Durango Herald)

In a triumph for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed sweeping legislation Friday that calls for the nation's first limits on pollution linked to global warming and aims

June 29th

Water Top of Coloradoans Concerns

Results of a recent survey conducted by Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli indicate that Colorado residents believe a dependable water supply is the most important factor for a strong economy--rating it ahead of schools, highways, and health care. Additional results indicate:

•    About three-quarters agree the state needs more water storage.

Recreation At Southwest Colorado Federal Reservoirs

Federal reservoirs in southwest Colorado include: Lemon, Jackson Gulch, McPhee, Lake Nighthorse, and Vallecito. The history of recreation at these federal reservoirs is both old and new.