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December 14th

December 13, 2009--Many opportunities for producing notable amounts of transferable water constrained (Greeley Tribune)

There is a perception that if only farmers would do a better job of conserving water, by lining canals or switching to a more efficient irrigation such as a center pivot or drip systems, we would have plenty of water to meet the anticipated (future) gap.

December 13, 2009--What's in the water? (Los Angeles Times)

What's in the water?--Lots of stuff, according to the Environmental Working Group.The public interest organization has created an online database of water quality test results from 45 states. The interactive database, covering 48,000 communities, can be accessed at the group's website,

December 13, 2009--Wildlife guzzlers gouge water rift between Nevada resource agencies (Los Angeles Times)

Wildlife guzzlers—contraptions that capture rainwater and melting snow in remote places for thirsty animals to drink — have triggered a turf war between two Nevada resource agencies. Members of the state Board of Agriculture argue that as their numbers increase, guzzlers are altering the landscape and taking precious resources, whether water or forage, from ranchers.

December 12, 2009--Storm helps water levels (Cortez Journal)

After a major storm dumped large amounts of snow on the area, things are starting to look up for Montezuma County's reservoirs. Following months of little to no precipitation, Monday and Tuesday's storm system brought needed moisture to the area, offering hope the winter snowpack and spring run-off will be better than anticipated.

December 12, 2009--Dolores River group paddles ahead (Cortez Journal)

After a year of educational meetings and field trips, the Lower Dolores River Plan Working Group will move into the recommendation phase of their discussions Monday.

December 12, 2009--Restoration project improves health of Dolores River (Cortez Journal)

Some big equipment last week in the Dolores River channel across from Joe Rowell Park may precede big improvements to the river's health. Bill Coughlin, owner of Western Stream Works based in Ridgway, and Danny Bankston contracted with the U.S.

December 11, 2009--Asarco pays $1.79 billion to fix sites (New York Times)

After a four-year legal battle, a mining company has paid the government a record $1.79 billion to settle claims for hazardous waste pollution across 19 states, federal agencies announced Thursday. Officials said the payment on behalf of the company, the American Smelting and Refining Company, or Asarco, was the nation’s largest environmental bankruptcy settlement.

December 11, 2009--Grand Canyon sandbar restoration planned with high water flows (Environmental News Service)

The Department of the Interior will undertake an experimental initiative to improve the management of Glen Canyon Dam and the Colorado River as it flows through Grand Canyon National Park, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced Thursday during the Colorado River Water Users Association conference.

December 11, 2009--Pollution crimes cost Greek shipper $2.7 million, ships barred from USA (Environmental News Service)

Polembros Shipping Ltd., a Greek ship management company, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court in New Orleans to pay a $2.7 million criminal fine for violating anti-pollution laws, ship safety laws, and making false statements during a U.S. Coast Guard investigation of the cargo ship M/V Theotokos.

December 11, 2009--Governments turn to cloud seeding to fight drought (Denver Post)

Faced with water shortages, growing populations and the threat that climate change could make matters worse, governments around the globe have increasingly turned to cloud seeding in an attempt to wring more rain and snow from the sky.