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July 13th

July 13, 2010--Greenland glacier breaks up overnight (Summit Voice)

Scientists are keeping a close watch on Greenland’s ice sheet to monitor global warming impacts in one of the most temperature-sensitive places on Earth. And last week, they watched as a massive 2.7-square mile secion of the Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier broke apart and floated off into the sea.

July 12, 2010--Ten nations at 'extreme risk' because of water shortages, report says (Environmental News Network)

Ten countries worldwide, including five African nations, are at "extreme risk" because of limited access to clean, fresh water, according to a new global water security index.

July 11, 2010--Scientists roll out mats to kill Lake Tahoe clams (Denver Post)

Scuba-diving scientists are unrolling long rubber mats across the bottom of Lake Tahoe coves in an attempt to quell a clam invasion that could cloud the world-reknown cobalt waters. The half-acre mats are designed to smother dime-sized nonnative Asian clams that can reach populations of 5,000 per square yard.

July 12th

Beetle Kill

Beetle KillRick Cables, a regional forester with the U.S. Forest Service in Golden, said the bark beetle problem has reached epic proportions.

Boat Inspections Now Mandatory in Colorado

Watercraft inspections to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species are now mandatory in Colorado for both resident and non-resident motorized watercraft.

Barry Passes

Hamlet "Chips" BarryThe chief executive officer of Denver Water for 19 years, Hamlet ‘Chips’ Barry (66) passed away May 2nd. Barry was found under a tractor on his Hawaiian farm, less than a month after his retirement.

Lake Nighthorse to be Fenced

Eighteen miles of fence will be installed at Lake Nighthorse to control access to what is envisioned as the focal point of a water-oriented recreation area just southwest of Durango. "This is a land-management tool," said Tyler Artichoker, the first-fill engineer on the Animas-La Plata Project of which Lake Nighthorse is a part.

Brinton Retires

Scott BrintonAfter more than 30 years of public service, Scott Brinton, Assistant Division 7 Engineer of the Colorado Division of Water Resources retired in May.

Brod New Power Authority ED

Mike BrodMike Brod was appointed executive director by of the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority on February 1, 2010. Prior to his appointment as executive director, Mike was the Authority’s finance director for the last 15 years.

Crane National River Hero

Jeff CraneJeff Crane, executive director of the Colorado Watershed Assembly, was named a “National River Hero” at the recent National River Rally, hosted by the River Network.