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August 31, 2010--Industry plans tap reservoirs as substitute for groundwater (Durango Herald)

State regulators have approved plans by the natural-gas industry to replace water it depletes from streams with water from Vallecito and Lemon reservoirs. The Substitute Water Supply Plans by a coalition of gas companies won approval from the State Engineer's office in June.

August 31, 2010--Lawsuits keep water fight alive (Duragno Herald)

It was a Monday morning in April 2009 when four ranchers from Southwest Colorado finally got the state Legislature's attention. They already had won a case in Durango water court that - if the state Supreme Court upheld it - could force every gas and oil well in Colorado to get a water permit. A few lawmakers, like former Sen.

August 30, 2010--Court makes waves in water (Pueblo Chieftain)

Cities planning for long-term water supplies are finding their decisions shaped by recent state Supreme Court rulings on what a reasonable water supply looks like. “Unless we straighten this out, it will lead to litigation after litigation after litigation,” said Rod Kuharich, executive director of the South Metro Water Supply Authority.

August 29, 2010--Ghosts, oil and water (Durango Herald)

Jim Fitzgerald, sees the ghosts in the ancient water channels that filter down his land from the slopes of the HD Mountains. He sees the spirits of past people in 1,200 year-old pit houses, or a century-old arroyo cut by the first cattle ranchers in the region. Jim and his wife, Theresa, live off the grid on the slopes of the mountains southeast of Bayfield.

August 28, 2010--Land managers launch tree-clearing plan to avoid threats to water (Denver Post)

Denver and federal land managers today are launching a $33 million effort to clear trees from beetle-ravaged forests where fire and erosion increasingly threaten water sup

August 27, 2010--State’s role in private water projects viewed (Pueblo Chieftain)

Large private water projects are difficult to bring to reality because of the legal structure and resistance in the water community, a top water attorney says. "Is there a way for the state to encourage private investment in water infrastructure, such as the Million project,” Bob Trout, senior partner in Trout, Raley, Montano, Witwer & Freeman, asked state lawmakers at the C

August 26th

August 26, 2010--Ritter, feds agree to speed up permits for hydropower (Denver Post)

Gov. Bill Ritter signed an agreement Wednesday with the federal government that will make it easier to develop small hydropower projects.

August 24, 2010--Hydropower to fuel historic mill (Durango Herald)

The San Juan County Historical Society is about more than relics of the past,The organization has an entrepreneurial spirit, the latest manifestation of which is the development of a hydroelectric plant to support another venture - the restoration of the historic Mayflower Mill. Historical society leaders began to envision an opportunity when the Sunnyside Gold Corp.

August 24, 2010--Rafting dispute panel named (Pueblo Chieftain)

Gov. Bill Ritter announced his appointments Monday to the 17-member River Access Dispute Resolution Task Force. “What we wanted to do was put people on this task force who have some sense of where we find ourselves as a state,” Ritter said.

August 23, 2010--Report: Grand Canyon threatened by low flows (Summit Citizens)

Grand Canyon National Park, an American and global icon, faces serious threats to its most important resources from uranium mining, air pollution and stream depletions, according to the National Parks Conservation Association.