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September 30th

September 28, 2010--Las Vegas’s Worried Water Czar (New York Times)

Upon her arrival as a water leader two decades ago, Ms. Pat Mulroy, manager of Las Vegas Water, was open about her incredulity about the legal system of water rights underpinning the compact. Yet the Law of the River, however, is viewed in the seven states of the Colorado basin with something like reverence. She set herself against this status quo.

September 28, 2010--Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning (New York Times)

A once-unthinkable day is looming on the Colorado River. Barring a sudden end to the Southwest’s 11-year drought, the distribution of the river’s dwindling bounty is likely to be reordered as early as next year because the flow of water cannot keep pace with the region’s demands.

September 27, 2010--Elevated Nitrogen and Phosphorus Still Widespread in U.S. Streams and Groundwater (Science Daily)

Elevated concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus, nutrients that can negatively impact aquatic ecosystems and human health, have remained the same or increased in many streams and aquifers across the United States since the early 1990's, according to a new national study by the U.S. Geological Survey.

September 28th

September 24, 2010--U.S. cities tout conservation, but many don't take action (USA Today)

Two-thirds of U.S. cities and counties consider the environment and energy conservation a priority, but far fewer have taken steps to address those issues, a new survey reveals.

September 23, 2010--World falling far short of global conservation goals (Summit Citizens)

With reports that populations of wild vertebrates have dropped by 33 percent since 1970, a UN Sept. 22 session on biodiversity focused on the risks that the continued loss of biodiversity represent for human well-being, development and security, and the necessary strategies and measures to reduce such risks.

September 23, 2010--Farmers: Ag rules just another burden (Pueblo Chieftain)

After three years of work, the state is close to implementing rules limiting the increase of consumptive use from surface irrigation improvements. Still, farmers do not understand why the rules are needed and feel the state is not doing enough to truly help them.

September 23, 2010--North Dakota lake swallows land and buildings (Washington Post)

It's been called a slow-growing monster: a huge lake that has steadily expanded over the last 20 years, swallowing up thousands of acres, hundreds of buildings and at least two towns in its rising waters. Devils Lake keeps getting larger because it has no natural river or stream to carry away excess rain and snowmelt.

September 23, 2010--Manganese in Drinking Water: Study suggests adverse effects on children's intellectual abilities (Science Daily)

A team of researchers led by Maryse Bouchard, adjunct professor at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology, Health, Environment and Society (CINBIOSE) of the Université du Québec à Montréal and a researcher at Sainte-Justine University Hospital, and Donna Mergler, professor emerita in the Department of Biological Sciences and a member of CINBIOSE, recent

September 23, 2010--Groundwater depletion rate accelerating worldwide (Science Daily)

In recent decades, the rate at which humans worldwide are pumping dry the vast underground stores of water that billions depend on has more than doubled, say scientists who have conducted an unusual, global assessment of groundwater use.