Archive - 2010

December 30th

December 22, 2010--Nevada judge rules state can take water coalition money to help balance state budget (Los Angeles Times)

The governor and Nevada lawmakers are legally entitled to take $62 million from the Clean Water Coalition in southern Nevada to balance the state budget, a judge has ruled. Clark County District Judge David Barker on Tuesday ruled in favor of Gov.

December 21, 2010--Water series on local radio can be found online (Post Independent)

If listeners missed the two local public radio stations teaming up to bring listeners an in-depth series looking at the threats to the region's water, you can find replays online. The series began Monday, Dec. 13. You can hear the reports on Aspen Public Radio and KDNK during NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

December 21, 2010--Mexico to defer some Colorado River water until 2014 to allow for quake recovery (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. and Mexican officials reached a deal Monday for Mexico to defer part of its water allotment from the Colorado River until 2014 while farmers in the Mexicali area repair irrigation networks damaged by an earthquake this year.

December 21, 2010--River sources of green house gases (Environmental News Network)

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a chemical compound with the formula N2O. At room temperature, it is a colorless non-flammable gas, with a slightly sweet odor and taste. Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas, accounting for around 6% of the estimated heating effect of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

December 21st

December 20, 2010--Where the water goes (Pueblo Chieftain)

In Colorado, more than two dozen ditches or pipelines provide nearly 500,000 acre-feet of water annually by transmountain diversions. By basin, the major importers are the: South Platte River Basin, Arkansas River Basin, and Rio Grande River Basin.

December 20, 2010--California's tangled water politics (High Country News)

The Sacramento and San Joaquin Delta, formed where the two rivers meet in California's Central Valley before flowing into San Francisco Bay, is the largest estuary

December 19, 2010--Quenching the thirst of human needs (Pueblo Chieftain)

It falls freely from the sky, is sold in stores and daily sustains all life on the planet. We clean with it, drink it and flush it down the toilet. We grow food in it. We power homes and factories with it. We play in it and marvel at the wild creatures who depend on it. Yet while water appears to be abundant, there is only a certain amount that can be used.

December 17, 2010--Secretary Salazar signs Navajo water rights agreement (Colorado Independent)

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley signed the San Juan Navajo Water Rights agreement on December 17th. The signing took place as part of the Colorado River Water Users Association Annual Conference. Salazar spoke at length on the importance of collaboration and cooperation among Colorado River water users.

December 16th

December 16, 2010--Drought warmest in 1,000 years (Albuquerque Journal)

The drought of the last decade in the Southwestern United States is likely the warmest in more than a thousand years, new research suggests.

December 16, 2010--State Engineer [visits Lamar], explains water procedures (Lamar Ledger)

State Water Engineer Dick Wolfe and Division Engineer Steve Witte spoke to an overflow crowd of about 100 farmers and ranchers at the Lamar Community Building on topics ranging from the Kansas/Colorado Compact to the seep water issues of concern to many farmers and ranchers. Much of the conversation covered disputes between Kansas and Colorado over water flowing down the Arkansas Rive