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December 16th

December 15, 2010--Elevated zinc concentrations in Colorado waterway likely a result of climate change (Science Daily)

Rising concentrations of zinc in a waterway on Colorado's Western Slope may be the result of climate change that is affecting the timing of annual snowmelt, says a new study led by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

December 14th

December 15, 2010--Judge dismisses delta smelt protections (Los Angeles Times)

A federal judge Tuesday threw out much-disputed delta smelt protections that have cut water shipments to Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley, finding that federal biologists failed to justify aspects of the restrictions.

December 14, 2010--Hickenlooper may adopt state water standards (Pueblo Chieftain)

He’s still wading through the massive stack of papers that contains Colorado’s first strategic water conservation plan, but Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper said he is receptive to adopting water-efficiency standards for state agencies and departments. That was but one of many recommendations from the Interbasin Compact Committee — many were far more drastic.

December 14, 2010--Managing limited water supplies in Phoenix, Arizona (Science Daily)

Enormous uncertainty. These two words describe the condition of Phoenix's climate and water supply in the 21st century. Reservoirs have dipped to their lowest levels, continuous drought has plagued the state and forecasts for even warmer summers are predicted.

December 13, 2010--Continued death of forests predicted in southwestern US due to climate change (Science Daily)

If current climate projections hold true, the forests of the Southwestern United States face a bleak future, with more severe -- and more frequent -- forest fires, higher tree death rates, more insect infestation, and weaker trees. The findings by university and government scientists are published in this week's issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

December 13, 2010--Hot with decades of drought: Expectations for Southwestern United States (Science Daily)

An unprecedented combination of heat plus decades of drought could be in store for the Southwest sometime this century, suggests new research from a University of Arizona-led team. A 60-year drought like that of the 12th Century could be in our future. To come to this conclusion, the team reviewed previous studies that document the region's past temperatures and droughts.

December 11, 2010--Study: Don't blame the pill for estrogen in drinking water (USA Today)

Contrary to popular belief, birth control pills are not to blame for estrogen found in U.S. drinking water supplies, new research concludes. Oral contraceptives account for less than 1% of the estrogen, according to an analysis of studies published in the American Chemical Society's biweekly journal Environmental Science & Technology. Almost 12 million U.S.

December 10, 2010--Stream flows at issue in Denver Water diversion plans (Summit Citizens)

Colorado Division of Wildlife biologists this week said plans by Denver Water to increase diversions from the West Slope via the Moffat Firming Project will reduce stream flows and raise temperatures in the Williams Fork, Fraser and Upper Colorado River systems.

December 9th

December 10, 2010--Water tops priorities of newly elected state, federal officials (Greeley Tribune)

Colorado does not have a sufficient drought plan in place, and if the state hopes to efficiently use its water supply, it must be better prepared, Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper said Thursday.

December 8, 2010--Western governors debate water laws (Greeley Tribune)

Governors from across the West sparred over water and how to make sure everyone is getting their fair share Tuesday during a policy conference designed to drive consensus.