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December 9th

December 6, 2010--Pagosa reservoir closer to reality (Durango Herald)

The Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District and the San Juan Water Conservancy District have struck a deal with Trout Unlimited, bringing the proposed Dry Gulch Reservoir one step closer to fruition. The agreement, coming after an hours-long negotiation moderated by Sen.

December 5, 2010--Method developed to simultaneously desalinate water, produce hydrogen and treat wastewater (Science Daily)

Fresh water and reusable energy. Humans are on a constant hunt for a sustainable supply of both. Water purification requires a lot of energy, while utility companies need large amounts of water for energy production. Their goal is to find a low-energy-required treatment technology.

December 4, 2010--Report explores statewide plan for water supply (Cortez Journal)

Colorado must build expensive new reservoirs and impose strict statewide water conservation laws if it hopes to avoid the destruction of its farm and ranch economy, a high-level group of water officials told Gov. Bill Ritter on Wednesday.

December 6th

December 4, 2010--Californians need water, but desalination projects are bogged down (Los Angeles Times)

Desalination — the process of making salty water drinkable — is now producing a growing share of the national water supply as officials scramble to hydrate booming populations with dwindling fresh supply.

December 2, 2010--Water committee urges Colo. to take bigger role (Colorado Springs Gazette)

State government must take a bigger role in developing and promoting water projects if Colorado is going to provide for the estimated 10 million people who will live here

December 2, 2010--More muck, dirt stall Lake Mead pipeline again (Denver Post)

Excavation has stopped again on a $700 million pipeline project to tap Lake Mead water for Las Vegas as crews tried to figure out how to dig through a fault line filled with water and fractured earth.

December 1, 2010--Water committee urges Colo. to take bigger role (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Gov. Bill Ritter says Colorado state government needs to take a bigger role in developing and promoting water projects if the state is going to provide for the estimated 10 million people who will live here in 40 years. The recommendations were included in a draft report delivered today to Ritter by a committee studying Colorado’s future water needs.

December 2nd

December 1, 2010--Many coastal wetlands likely to disappear this century (Environmental News Network)

Many coastal wetlands worldwide -- including several on the U.S. Atlantic coast -- may be more sensitive than previously thought to climate change and sea-level rise projections for the 21st century. U.S.

November 30, 2010--NM regulators to decide on outstanding waters (Denver Post)

New Mexico regulators are set to deliberate Tuesday on whether to approve a proposal by the Richardson administration that would give special protection to miles of rivers, lak

November 29th

November 29, 2010--‘Water footprinting’ to deal with demand for supplies (New York Times)

Claudia Ringler, a senior research fellow in Montreal with the International Food Policy Research Institute, based in Washington, said water footprinting was a good concept in theory, but less so in practice. “It’s almost impossible to do a comprehensive analysis,” Ms. Ringler said.