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November 29th

November 28, 2010--The Wild and Scenic San Miguel? (Telluride Daily Planet)

As it meanders past cottonwood-lined banks and slips into redrock canyons, the lower San Miguel River is certainly lovely. But is it Wild and Scenic? This is a question the Bureau of Land Management is considering, and it wants the public’s help in determining the answer.

November 27, 2010--Water flows to Goodman Point (Cortez Journal)

After decades of triumph and tribulation, Goodman Point residents are now savoring the sweet taste of victory - cool clear Dolores River water flowing directly from their taps. "It tastes great," said J.R.

November 26, 2010--Water for produce, fair trade? (Grand Junction Free Press)

Individuals on various water boards tend to neglect the need to require water conservation techniques. Some board members tend to be more concerned with protecting their right to use as much water as they can instead of using it properly.

November 26, 2010--Hatcheries stock Western economy (Coloradoan)

A new CSU study shows that the private fish hatcheries supplying fishing clubs and ranches pump about $1.9 billion into local economies across the 11 western states. "They're very important," Waldmier said of the hatcheries and the dude ranches they supply. "I know one operation down by Bailey called Boxwood Gulch.

November 26, 2010--Old ship logs fill in weather history of past 250 years (USA Today)

Scientists are poring over weather records from the past 250 years, long-buried in handwritten ships' logs and musty notebooks of weather observers in the USA and around the world, as they seek to put modern-day weather extremes into better context and improve computer models that predict climate conditions.

November 25, 2010--Lakes warming faster than air (Durango Herald)

A first-of-its-kind NASA study is finding nice cool lakes are heating up – even faster than air. Two NASA scientists used satellite data to look at 104 large inland lakes around the world and found that on average they have warmed 2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1985. That’s about 2½ times the increase in global temperatures in the same time period.

November 25, 2010--EPA’s new WaterSense program gaining traction (Citizen's Voice)

A relatively new EPA water conservation program may start to gain a little traction with the Nov. 24 unveiling of the first WaterSense-labeled homes in the country. WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by EPA that seeks to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by offering people a simple way to use less water.

November 25, 2010--Valley water case sends SOS to Colorado Supreme Court (Valley Courier)

“I am not particularly pleased with the direction things have gone. I don’t think they really protect senior water rights, and that’s why we are involved in this process,” Save Our Senior (SOS) Water Rights attorney Tim Buchanan told the SOS group during a meeting this month in Monte Vista.

November 25, 2010--Robert B. Daugherty, who helped irrigate the plains, dies at 88 (New York Times)

Robert B. Daugherty, a Nebraska businessman who helped transform the rural landscape into a patchwork of circular fields by popularizing a means of irrigation that used a pipe on wheels pivoting around a central point, died on Wednesday at his home in Omaha. He was 88.