Archive - 2010

November 18th

November 16, 2010--Selenium, salt levels dropping in Colorado River (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Levels of salt and selenium in the Colorado River have fallen in recent years, according to studies by the U.S. Geological Survey.

November 16, 2010--CDOW: New regs aim at stopping spread of invasive species (Citizens Voice)

“The spread of aquatic nuisance species is a serious problem that threatens to disrupt our fisheries and potentially restrict angler opportunity,” said Colorado Division of Wildlife commission chairman Tim Glenn.

November 17th

November 14, 2010--Water law enforced to the last drop (Pueblo Chieftain)

Enforcing water law, not the economic well-being of some farmers, was the state’s top priority in recent actions to curtail seep ditch rights. “Our intent is not to administer the law in a way that puts people out of business, but we have to administer water rights,” Wolfe said.

November 14, 2010--Navigating a future for the Colorado (Washington Post)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made a name for himself as a leader in protecting America's waterways. Now he's the star of a documentary, "Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk," about the Colorado River. Kennedy spoke with staffer Nancy Trejos. Excerpts: What drew you to this project, and to the Colorado River? The Colorado is a special place, one of the iconic rivers of America.

November 12, 2010--Uranium company sues Colorado over mining rules (Grand Junction Sentinel)

A company that wants to mine uranium in northern Colorado has filed suit against state regulators, saying rules for keeping groundwater clean are unreasonable. The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports Powertech Uranium Corp. filed suit in Denver District Court last week. Powertech wants to pump treated water underground to dissolve uranium and then pump it to the surface.

Novembe 11, 2010--Lake Nighthorse meeting focuses on boating (Durango Herald)

All signs are pointing to a scrap between proponents of motorized and nonmotorized wll signs are pointing to a scrap between proponents of motorized and nonmotorized watercraft on Lake Nighthorse, the reservoir filling up southwest of Durango.

November 11, 2010--Solving water woes (Durango Herald)

An experiment that started this summer could become half of a solution to make sure New Mexico receives its share of La Plata River water and help Colorado irrigators at the same time. “There’s never enough water,” said Rege Leach, Colorado Division of Water Resources engineer in Durango.

November 11, 2010--West water manager denounces pipeline plan (Coloradoan)

A western Colorado water manager is warning western Wyoming residents that Fort Collins entrepreneur Aaron Million's proposed 500-mile water pipeline could have serious implications for recreation and water availability in the Cowboy State.

November 11, 2010--Invading weed threatens devastation to western rangelands (Science Daily)

A new field study confirms that an invasive weed called medusahead has growth advantages over most other grass species, suggesting it will continue to spread across much of the West, disrupt native ecosystems and make millions of acres of grazing land almost worthless.

November 11, 2010--First geothermal lease in Colorado sold at auction (Denver Post)

The first geothermal lease in Colorado was sold at auction Wednesday for $29,600 by the federal Bureau of Land Management.