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February 28th

February 28, 2011--Eco-activists rally to defend EPA, water law (Denver Post)

Environmental activists rallied at the state Capitol on Sunday against proposals they fear will gut the federal Clean Air Act and enrich polluters.

February 27, 2011--Desert dust storms to get worse (Summit Voice)

Desert dust blowing from the Southwest into the Rockies has been implicated in everything from earlier snowmelt and air quality violations to causing avalanches. A new study shows  the storms more frequent and intense as global warming kills desert vegetation. A research team from the U.S.

February 27, 2011--Snowpack looks good going into snowiest months (Loveland Reporter)

Statewide, all of the major river basins are close to or above their historical snowpack averages. Leading the way is the North Platte basin, at 132 percent, with the Colorado River basin at 127 percent, Yampa at 125 percent and Gunnison at 120 percent.

February 25, 2011--Amping up attention to Colorado's rivers (Summit Daily)

The Upper Colorado River is the sixth most endangered American river, according to a 2010 report from the group American Rivers. It comes after the Upper Delaware River in Pennsylvania and New York, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River in California, West Virginia's Gauley River, the Little River in North Carolina, and Iowa's Cedar River.

February 25, 2011--Colorado: Spring weather outlook is on the dry side (Summit Voice)

If the experts with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center are right, this winter’s La Niña tap of moisture may slow to a trickle the next few months. The latest outlook, covering March through May, suggests there’s a 30 percent chance that most of Colorado will experience above average temperatures and below normal precipitation during the period.

February 25, 2011--Does the southwest face a mega-drought? (New York Times)

Rising global temperatures resulting from emissions of human origin could tip the southwestern United States into a period of prolonged extreme drought seen before only in distant geological history, a new study suggests.

February 25, 2011--A small compromise in California’s water wars (New York Times)

Like an early spring bud poking out of a thicket, a compromise emerged on Thursday in one of the intertwined legal battles that pit California’s major agricultural and urban water users against federal scientists and environmentalists.

February 24, 2011--New PAWSD manager selected (Pagosa Daily Post)

The Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors are pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Edwin (Ed) Winton to fill the position of District Manager. Mr.

February 25th

February 22, 2011--Danger pent up behind aging dams (New York Times)

Of the nation’s 85,000 dams, more than 4,400 are considered susceptible to failure, according to the Association of State Dam Safety Officials. But repairing all those dams would cost billions of dollars, and it is far from clear who would provide all the money in a recessionary era. The impact of a dam failure would be enormous.

February 21st

February 21, 2011--In Navajoland, a contentious water deal divides the tribe (High Country News)

The Navajo Nation sprawls across about one-tenth of the nearly quarter-million-square-mile Colorado River drainage. But ever since the seven states that depend on the river met to divide its water 88 years ago, the tribe has been pushed into the shadows of river politics.