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December 13th

December 13, 2011--Colorado approves nation's most comprehensive frack fluid disclosure rule (Denver Post)

Colorado today adopted the nation's toughest rule requiring oil and gas drillers to disclose all the chemicals used in the fracking fluids they pump down well

December 9th

December 12, 2011--Water-quality standards unfairly burden rural communities (High Country News)

When Clarence Aragon began managing the half-century-old Mora Mutual Water and Sewer Association 12 years ago, he thought he was helping the environment. Hundreds of households around Mora, N.M.

December 9, 2011--Colorado meeting state-line obligations (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado is running ahead on its deliveries of water to Kansas under the Arkansas River Compact. Accounting for flows through 2010 shows that Colorado has credits of about 44,000 acre-feet in a 10-year running average of flows, said Kevin Salter, of the Kansas engineering staff. The accounting is required as part of the Kansas v. Colorado U.S.

December 8, 2011--EPA ties fracking, pollution (Wall Street Journal)

Chemicals found in a Wyoming town's drinking water likely are associated with hydraulic fracturing, the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday, raising the stakes in a debate over a drilling technique that has created a boom in natural-gas production.

December 8, 2011--San Diego water deal upheld, Salton Sea fight continues (Los Angeles Times)

A state appeals court Wednesday upheld the landmark water transfer between the Imperial Valley and San Diego County but left room for more legal wrangling regarding the Salton Sea.

December 8, 2011--One quarter of world’s agricultural land ”Highly Degraded’, UN report concludes (Environmental News Network)

On Monday, the UN released the results of the first ever global study on the state of Earth’s land. The main finding: 25 percent of all land is highly degraded making it unsuitable for agriculture.

December 7, 2011--Haviland Lake nominated for state recognition (Durango Herald)

The riparian shrub lands and wet meadows in Haviland Lake State Wildlife Area north of Durango make the preserve a candidate – the first in La Plata County – for inclusion in the Colorado Natural Areas Program.

December 7, 2011--Colorado River: Windy Gap firming plan released (Summit Voice)

The average annual flow in the Colorado River below Granby Reservoir would decrease by about 15 percent under a proposed plan to increase diversions from the West Slope to the Front Range, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation acknowledged last week, releasing a final environmental impact statement for the Windy Gap firming project.

December 7, 2011--Ski area water-rights duel now in political arena (Summit Voice)

A showdown over ski area water rights is now in the political arena, as four U.S. Senators have asked the Forest Service to delay implementing a revised permit condition that could require resorts to transfer certain types of water rights to the federal government. In December 1st letter to U.S.

December 6th

December 7, 2011--Sewage treatment plants may contribute to antibiotic resistance problem (Science Daily)

Water discharged into lakes and rivers from municipal sewage treatment plants may contain significant concentrations of the genes that make bacteria antibiotic-resistant. That's the conclusion of a new study on a sewage treatment plant on Lake Superior in the Duluth, Minn., harbor that appears in ACS' journal Environmental Science & Technology. Timothy M.