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February 27th

February 27, 2012--Study: Less Arctic ice means more U.S. snow (USA Today)

Most of the USA may have had a reprieve from crippling snowstorms so far this year, but remember the brutal winter of 2010-11? Continued onslaughts of frigid air and brutal blizzards made for a savage and deadly cold season across the country.

February 26, 2012--Arizona researchers say more mega-fires all but certain (Summit Voice)

A study of lakebed charcoal sediments enabled Northern Arizona University researchers to establish a baseline of fire activity in the Southwest going back 3,000 years, showing links between wildfires and climate, as well human activity. Ultimately the researchers concluded that there is a significant wildfire deficit in the Southwest, mainly due to the decades-long focus on fire suppression.

February 25, 2012--State ag water may be undervalued (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado may be underestimating the value of its irrigated agricultural land. “Irrigated land in Colorado is looking very good to investors,” Gary Barber, president of the Two Rivers Water Co. told the Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance annual conference Thursday.

February 24, 2012--USGS streamflow monitoring faces challenges (Summit Voice)

Unless it’s in a bucket or a measuring cup, water isn’t exactly the easiest substance to track. Ever-changing, from vapor to solid to liquid, and ever-moving, from stream to river to lake to ocean, it can be tough to measure. So for years, ranchers, town planners and even angler and kayakers have relied on a huge network of streamflow gages maintained by the U.S.

February 24, 2012--Proposed measures could alter water law (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado Water Congress is fighting a pair of initiatives because they could cause chaos with state water rights, but would be limited if the measures survive a Supreme Court challenge. Initiatives 3 and 45, sponsored by Richard Hamilton of Fairplay and his attorney Phil Doe, seek to apply the public trust doctrine to Colorado water rights with a constitutional change.

February 23, 2012--Feds reject Flaming Gorge pipeline proposal (Summit Voice)

The proposal for bringing new water to the thirsty Front Range of Colorado was rejected as “premature” this week by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, subject to a potential rehearing. The 560-mile pipeline, formally called the Regional Water Supply Project, could potentially transport up to 250,000 acre feet of water from the Green River Basin in Wyoming to Colorado.

February 23, 2012--Colorado: Water managers eye spring runoff (Summit Voice)

Even though it feels like winter is just getting started in the high country, Colorado water managers are starting to think about spring runoff, flooding and water storage. Denver Water will issue its first spring reservoir outlook early next month after the March 1 snowpack figures have been compiled, and the National Weather Service this week issued its first outlook for flood potential.

February 23, 2012--Colorado: Dead forests could affect the weather (Summit Voice)

Researchers who set out to study whether deforestation on the slopes of Kilimanjaro is affecting the mountain’s ice cap concluded that large-scale climate changes have much more of an impact on the glaciers. But they also documented that clear-cutting the mountain’s forests is having a distinct effect on precipitation at the mid-level elevations, where rainfall has been reduced.

February 22, 2012--USDA withdraws wastewater funds (Pagosa Springs Sun)

Questions surrounding the town’s ability to treat its wastewater recently became complicated by two issues: the loss of federal funding to pay for that treatment and the apparent disregard for local contractors in a bidding process.

February 21st