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January 25th

January 25, 2013--UN deputy secretary general urges action water management and sanitation (Washington Post)

Most of the world’s urgent problems boil down to water and sanitation, and global leaders must act to reduce child mortality and urban poverty, the UN’s deputy chief said Friday.

January 25, 2013--Flaming Gorge task force makes recommendations (Denver Post)

A task force that spent the last year studying issues related to proposals to divert water from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Wyoming to Colorado says state leaders first need to agree on how Colorado's water needs can be met.

January 24, 2013--House committee again embraces small hydro legislation (Telluride Watch)

A bipartisan bill that seeks to streamline the federal licensing requirements for small hydro projects around the nation got new wings this Tuesday, when the House

January 24, 2013--Septic system rules may go in the tank (Durango Herald)

The state is going to scrap current regulations governing septic tanks/leach field systems and start anew, San Juan Basin Health Department board members were told Thursday. Greg Brand, the department’s newly hired director of environmental health, characterized the changes as sweeping.

January 22, 2013--Plant water demands shift with water availability (Science Daily)

Plants can adapt to extreme shifts in water availability, such as drought and flooding, but their ability to withstand these extreme patterns will be tested by future climate change, according to a study by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists and their cooperators.

January 22, 2013--First global assessment of land and water ‘grabbing’ (Science Daily)

As world food and energy demands grow, nations and some corporations increasingly are looking to acquire quality agricultural land for food production. Some nations are gaining land by buying up property -- and accompanying water resources -- in other, generally less wealthy countries.

January 22, 2013--Obama pledges climate change action in inaugural address (Environmental News Network)

In an inaugural address founded on the U.S. Constitution, President Barack Obama today indicated that in his second term he will act to forestall climate change by developing sustainable energy sources.

January 21st

January 21, 2013--New rule may help clean up polluting old mines (Boulder Daily Camera)

A new federal policy should protect "good Samaritan" groups from liability if they try to stanch dangerous chemicals leaking from abandoned mining sites in the Colorado mountains and beyond, environmental officials say. The Denver Post reported Sunday that the Environmental Protection Agency tweaked its policy after years of prodding by Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall.

January 19, 2013--Prepare for more heat, little water in 2013 (Fort Morgan Times)

All indications are that farmers will very likely have to cope with another hot and dry growing season in 2013. This prospect is especially troubling to irrigators in the South Platte River Basin where mountain snowpack is low and likely to remain that way -- and many reservoirs are still empty or near so. We all hope that the weathermen are wrong.

January 18, 2013--Deal would prevent water from leaving Colorado; would serve suburbs (Denver Business Journal)

Denver’s southern suburbs, dependent on shrinking supplies of groundwater, could get a new surface water supply as soon as 2015, heading off the specter of expensive water bills choking off economic growth.