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November 29th

November 29, 2013--What is the true cost of food production? (Environmental News Network)

Unsustainable farming systems that damage the environment and public health thrive at the expense of sustainable producers. Patrick Holden makes the case for "true cost accounting." We must account for the real costs of food, or sustainable food systems will never break through to the mainstream.

November 29, 2013--How pollution makes bigger thunderstorms: Poor air quality creates bigger, longer-lasting clouds (Mail Online)

Pollution makes thunderstorms worse by creating bigger, longer lasting clouds and cooling temperatures with their shadows, say scientists. Computer simulations of cloud data from the western Pacific, south eastern China and Oklahoma showed pollution increased their size, thickness and duration.

November 28, 2013--The Colorado River’s very drop must count (Sky-Hi News)

Water has literally shaped the West. It carved Colorado from red rock and shaped landmarks from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon to the Gulf of California. Water has etched green and fertile valleys into the desert and sustained generations of hardworking families throughout the Southwest.

November 28, 2013--Small hydropower project near Silverton approved (Telluride Daily Planet)

One of the first new small hydroelectric power projects in the country is quickly taking shape in Silverton, thanks to new legislation championed by an Ophir man. The project might be relatively small — it will produce only around 11 kilowatts of electricity at any given time — but it represents a big change.

November 27, 2013--U.S. Forest Service surrenders water rights fight (La Junta Tribune)

In one of the biggest fights over water rights in recent years, the U.S.F.S. announced that it will no longer pursue the plan of forcing ski areas to surrender their water rights in order to renew their operating permits.

November 27th

November 26, 2013--Realising the true power of water - new report from global water intelligence (Water Online)

Water and power generation are inseparable. Fossil fuel-fired power stations require a reliable, consistent stream of treated water to operate effectively. Wastewater streams generated from the combustion of coal need adequate treatment before being discharged.

November 25, 2013--Bipartisan group of lawmakers introduces Water Protection and Reinvestment Trust Fund Act of 2013 (Water Online)

Recently, Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) introduced the bipartisan Water Protection and Reinvestment Trust Fund Act of 2013, along with Representatives Tim Bishop (NY-01), John Duncan (TN-02), Donna F. Edwards (MD-04) Richard Hanna (NY-22), Jim Moran (VA-08), Tom Petri (WI-06), and Ed Whitfield (KY-01).

November 25, 2013--Study helps water utilities prepare for, respond to wildfires (Water Research Foundation)

Water Research Foundation (WRF) completed a new study, “Effects of Wildfire on Drinking Water Utilities and Best Practices for Wildfire Risk Reduction and Mitigation” (project #4482).

November 26th