Archive - Jun 10, 2013


June 10, 2013--Pandora project churns forward (Telluride Daily Planet)

A dusty, noisy construction zone consuming the east end of the canyon is proof that the Town of Telluride’s ambitious Pandora Water Project is slowly making progress. The town and its contractors Southwest Contracting LLC of Cortez and URS Corporation of Denver are continuing with the next phase of construction on the Pandora water treatment system project.

June 9, 2013--Experts urge focus on aquifers in push for water from Mexico (New York Times)

As Texas lawmakers say farmers in the Rio Grande Valley are hurting because Mexico is not honoring a treaty on surface water delivery, experts caution that greater attention should be paid to water deep below the surface.

June 8, 2013--Castle: Next steps to sustainability begin today on the Colorado (Arizona Central)

From the soaring peaks of the Rocky Mountains through Grand Canyon National Park to the magnificent Sonoran and Mojave deserts — our lives, our communities, our economies are all connected by a single thread: the Colorado River. Nearly 40 million people rely on the Colorado as a source of water, power and inspiration.

June 7, 2013--Old mines, today’s water Environmental agency cleans up Rico’s mineral legacy (Cortez Journal)

“We all live downstream,” as the saying goes, and that becomes more of a concern when abandoned mines are upstream, which is the case near the headwaters of the Dolores River. North of Rico along the river is the Rico-Argentine Mine complex, left over from gold and silver mining efforts in the 1930s and ’40s.

June 7, 2013--Farm subsidies leading to more water use (New York Times)

Millions of dollars in farm subsidies for irrigation equipment aimed at water conservation have led to more water use, not less, threatening vulnerable aquifers and streams.

June 7, 2013--Dry news from the water mines (High Country News)

Mike Conway of the Arizona Geological Survey started getting phone calls from realtors several months ago. With the Phoenix-area real estate market heating back up, they needed to know if their clients are looking at land run through with cracks that might open up and damage their homes, or worse.

June 7, 2013--Southeastern Colorado wheat crop a disaster from drought, freezes (Denver Post)

Ongoing drought and late-spring freezes are conspiring to produce one of southeastern Colorado's poorest wheat crops in memory.

June 7, 2013--NM regulators replace rule on drilling waste (Denver Post)

New Mexico is changing its regulations on managing waste from oil and gas drilling. A 51-page order issued Thursday by the state Oil Conservation Commission makes numerous changes to the so-called "pit rule," which industry groups called too expensive and cumbersome. The regulations were adopted in 2009. They're intended to prevent drilling waste from leaching into groundwater.