Archive - Jun 17, 2013


June 17, 2013--Firefighters to safeguard Wolf Creek Ski Area (Durango Herald)

Temperatures were expected to be 10 degrees hotter today, with wind gusts reaching 40 to 50 mph, creating adverse conditions for firefighters battling two wildfires northeast of Pagosa Springs. The Windy Pass Fire, 129 acres in size, was burning in a deep bowl filled with large standing dead spruce trees about three miles south of Wolf Creek Ski Area.

June 16, 2013--Explosive and expensive wildfires in Colorado becoming "new normal" (Denver Post)

As gathering smoke from the Black Forest fire grew into a massive column north of Colorado Springs on Tuesday afternoon after the fire exploded, El Paso County Sheriff Terry M

June 16, 2013--Fracking fuels water fights in nation's dry spots (Denver Post)

The latest domestic energy boom is sweeping through some of the nation's driest pockets, drawing millions of gallons of water to unlock oil and gas reserves from beneath the Earth's surface.

June 15, 2013--Climate talk shifts from curbing CO2 to adapting (Wall Street Journal)

Efforts to curb global warming have quietly shifted as greenhouse gases inexorably rise. The conversation is no longer solely about how to save the planet by cutting carbon emissions. It's becoming more about how to save ourselves from the warming planet's wild weather.