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June 24th

June 23, 2013--West Fork fire complex in Colorado feeding on beetle-ravaged forests (Denver Post)

Wildfires spread to an estimated 66,200 acres Saturday in spruce-beetle-ravaged forests, continuing to imperil tourist towns on the west edge of Colorado's San Luis Valley.

June 21st

June 21, 2013--Climate: Another grim year for Lake Powell (Summit Voice)

With May inflow into Lake Powell less than half the long-term average, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is projecting that total reservoir storage in the Colorado River Basin will dip to about 29.3 million acre feet.

June 21, 2013--Wildfire threatens Colorado mountain town of 400 residents; chances of saving Southfork slim (Fox News)

A massive wildfire is headed toward a Colorado mountain town, and fire managers say the chances of saving it are slim. The tourist town of South Fork was evacuated Friday morning as the 47-square-mile acre West Fork Fire moved closer.

June 20, 2013--The House farm bill unexpectedly failed. So what happens next? (Washington Post)

The House just voted down the five-year, $940 billion farm bill on the floor. The final tally: 195 yeas and 234 nays. This was unexpected, to say the least. Farm bills have historically sailed through Congress without too much trouble. Yet the House farm bill, supported by the GOP leadership, has faced a particular dilemma.

June 19th

June 19, 2013--Climate: Careful 100-year temperature analysis shows distinct warming in western Colorado and eastern Utah (Summit Voice)

Western Colorado and eastern Utah have warmed in the last century, and it appears that precipitation in the region has also increased, according to a new analysis of historic climate data compiled by Grand Junction-based National Weather Service forecaster Joe Ramey. General long-term trends include cooling from the 1940s th

June 18, 2013--A predictable find: More people means more environmental stress (Los Anegles Times)

A federal report looking at trends in population growth, travel patterns and land use and their impact on the environment is predictably sobering. With the U.S.

June 18, 2013--Dams, the whole picture (Environmental News Network)

Dams are good for hydroelectric power. But just like figuring how to reduce waste or improve energy efficiency, one has to look at the whole picture and all of the potential media effects.

June 17th

June 17, 2013--Firefighters to safeguard Wolf Creek Ski Area (Durango Herald)

Temperatures were expected to be 10 degrees hotter today, with wind gusts reaching 40 to 50 mph, creating adverse conditions for firefighters battling two wildfires northeast of Pagosa Springs. The Windy Pass Fire, 129 acres in size, was burning in a deep bowl filled with large standing dead spruce trees about three miles south of Wolf Creek Ski Area.

June 16, 2013--Explosive and expensive wildfires in Colorado becoming "new normal" (Denver Post)

As gathering smoke from the Black Forest fire grew into a massive column north of Colorado Springs on Tuesday afternoon after the fire exploded, El Paso County Sheriff Terry M