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December 26th

December 26, 2013--Town considers funds for geothermal research (Pagosa Springs Sun)

The Town of Pagosa Springs council met in executive session with town attorney Bob Cole last Thursday, Dec. 19, with the topic of conversation centering on matters involving funding for a possible geothermal electric utility. According to town manager David Mitchem, council gave Cole instruction during the executive session.

December 25, 2013--Report connects decline in property values to projected drop in Colorado River level (Nevada Times)

A recent article appearing in the Mohave Valley Daily News states that a new report claims that property values could decline along with projected decreases in the level of the Colorado River, as demand on the river outpaces supply of water in it.

December 25, 2013--Looking for water on the Rez (Navajo-Hopi Observer)

Thirteen percent of Native Americans do not have access to running water. DIGDEEP is a non-profit that believes water access is a human right. The group is working on the Navajo Reservation to help bring that percentage down. DIGDEEP is partnering with St.

December 24, 2013--Landmark trial over MWD's rates concludes in Superior Court (La Mesa Courier)

Lawyers for the San Diego County Water Authority on Monday wrapped up their case against the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, concluding a five-day trial with more than $2 billion at stake for county residents. Judge Curtis E. A. Karnow requested post-trial briefs from both parties by Jan.

December 24th

December 23, 2013--Flood grant program to let communities consider rising seas due to climate change (Huff Post)

FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Assistance program, one of the few proactive programs for reducing risks along the coastal United States. The program allows communities to apply for grants to do things like raise homes and businesses above the flood plain.

December 23, 2013--Global warming will intensify drought, says new study (The Guardian)

When scientists think about climate change, we often focus on long term trends and multi-year averages of various climate measures such as temperature, ocean heat, sea level, ocean acidity, and ice loss. But, what matters most in our day-to-day lives is extreme weather.

December 23, 2013--EPA's top 10 technology needs for water (Water Online)

The water sector faces a host of complex difficulties. According to the EPA, over 55 percent of the tested waters in the United States are impaired, primarily due to nutrients, sediment, and bacteria.

December 23, 2013--Pacific Institute report: 'Energizing water efficiency in California' - applying energy efficiency strategies to water' (Water Wired)

As a dry December accentuates the stress on California’s limited water supplies, the success of the state’s energy sector in implementing efficiency programs offers valuable lessons to the water sector.

December 23, 2013--Time to dust off the white Christmas lament (Pueblo Chieftain)

Since 1888, it has snowed on Christmas Day 18 times, for a probability of 15 percent. But there was more than an inch in only seven years, or 6 percent of the time. The record snowfall was 5.1 inches in 1987, which was the first Christmas Day snow since 1976. The last time it snowed on Christmas Day was in 2011. Snow after the 1987 storm remained on the ground until Jan.

December 23rd

December 21, 2013--Sen. Boxer's GOP deal-making on water bill upsets allies (Sacramento Bee)

Sen. Barbara Boxer's longtime relationship with environmentalists has been strained by compromises she's made in the committee she leads to get major pieces of public works legislation through a divided Senate. The California Democrat has worked closely this year with Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on a bill to advance U.S.