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December 17th

December 13, 2013--Water deal: Infrastructure help for Mexico, water for California agencies (My Desert)

Several of the nation’s largest water districts will help Mexico pay for repairs to water infrastructure and in return will receive additional supplies of water from the Colorado River. The Imperial Irrigation District and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California ann

December 16th

December 13, 2013--Climate change affecting Rio Grande water supply (Albuquerque Journal)

Rising Rio Grande Basin temperatures, already increasing faster than at any time in more than 10,000 years, are projected to sap the basin of one-third of its surface water supply by the end of the century, according to a new report by federal scientists. “It is sobering,” s

December 12, 2013--Scientists plan for grand experiment in the Colorado River Delta (National Geographic)

Once written off as dying of thirst and beyond revival, the delta of the Colorado River will soon get a rejuvenating flood that for scientists offers a unique opportunity: the chance to study how plants, trees, birds, fisheries, and the vast delta ecosystem as a whole respond to an experimental pulse of river water.

December 12, 2013--Water Conservation Board donates $175K grant for flood study (Colorado Springs Business Journal)

The Colorado Water Conservation Board contributed a $175,000 grant to assist in studying methods of flood restoration and mitigation for two watersheds in the Pikes Peak region. The study will begin in January and focus on the restoration and protection of the Cheyenne Creek and Upper Fountain Creek watersheds, city officials explained Wednesday in a news release.

December 12, 2013--Where water is limited, researchers determine how much water is enough (

A collaboration of scientists from the US Department of Agriculture and the University of California Davis, among others, has introduced a precision instrument that can determine the water loss, or surface renewal, of agricultural systems that are threatened by water scarcity and climate change.

December 12th

December 12, 2013--Navajo Lake projects underway (Cortez Journal)

Construction projects planned for Navajo State Park will provide improvements to the popular area for campers, boaters and wildlife enthusiasts. The projects are either now in process or will be completed next year, said Doug Secrist, park manager.

December 11, 2013--Judge rejects plan for Vegas to draw rural water (Associated Press)

A Nevada judge has rejected crucial state approval needed for Las Vegas to draw water from rural valleys straddling the Nevada-Utah state line and pipe it south to slake the thirst of Sin City residents and tourists.

December 11, 2013--Drought entering 14th year (Inland News Today)

Water watchers say the drought is beginning its 14th year. And, the consequences for Southern California are looming. Those attending a conference of Colorado River water users in Las Vegas were warned Wednesday that shortages could appear as soon as 2017.  Much of Southern California relies on Colorado River water.

December 11, 2013--Government study: Unregulated chemicals seeping into water supply (Water Online)

A new government study says that chemicals are slipping into tap water through water treatment plants across the country. According to the Vancouver Free Press, "Traces of unregulated chemicals were found in drinking water from more than one-third of U.S.

December 11, 2013--Water demands grow on both sides of the Continental Divide (Aspen Times)

Many of the members of Colorado's Interbasin Compact Committee, or IBCC, risked icy roads and snowy weather to get to their state-level water meeting in Golden on December 4. And when they got there – to talk about water for the state’s growing population – they didn’t find the going any easier.