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June 30th

June 30, 2014--Movement of carbon in large U.S. rivers affected by reservoirs, finds study (Water World)

A new study conducted by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists, and published in the Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences, has found that a combination of climate and human activities (diversion and reservoirs) controls the movement of carbon in two large western river basins, the Colorado and the Missouri Rivers.

June 30, 2014--Water stress: No big deal? (Water Online)

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? A new study of more than 200 global cities published in the journal Global Environmental Change provided both.

June 30, 2014--Regulatory burdens killing off small water utilities (Water Online)

Regulatory burdens are contributing to the devastating financial conditions of many small water utilities, where numerous small providers are on the brink of collapse. Small water companies are facing extinction, the Associated Press recently reported.

June 29, 2014--River series: The toll of drought (Vail Daily)

Wendy Ryan stood in front of a room packed with water professionals and offered this historical perspective. In the last 1,400 years, the last 14 years were not the driest. But it’s as dry as it has ever been. Ryan is with the Colorado Climate Center at Colorado State University. They were curious about drought and wanted data, not anecdotes.

June 29, 2014--River series: The state of the river (Post Independent)

Metaphorically speaking, just because Southern California is in the shower with shampoo in its hair, does not mean it gets to take all the water. Lake Powell is being drained to fill Lake Mead, which is being drained by states downstream from it.

June 29, 2014--Dowsers in big demand during California drought (NBC News)

Some call it dowsing, water witching or divining. Others call it flaky. Whatever it's called, the ancient method of discovering water underground is finding new life in drought-ridden states such as California.

June 29, 2014--Water panel identifies wish list (La Junta Tribune)

During the third annual Protein Producer Summit, a joint summer business meeting of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and the Colorado Livestock Association, four panelists shared a wish list of items they think could improve the state’s ability to fully capture and utilize its water resources. More storage is needed!

June 28th

June 28, 2014--U.S. schools struggle to offer clean drinking water (Water Online)

The federal government passed regulations to promote clean drinking water at schools, but many education districts still deserve an "F" for their performance. A regulation passed last year, which must be implemented by July, required "free drinking water at breakfast,” reported EdSource, an education policy group.

June 28, 2014--The fight over water (Vail Daily)

We live in a semi-arid environment, but we love to play in the water. Take the massive wave park in Glenwood Springs. Surfers love it, but it hasn’t run like this for a few years, says Jim Pokrandt, communications and education director with the Colorado River District. “The bigger the snowpack the bigger the runoff and the bigger the wave at Glenwood Springs.

June 27, 2014--California may only have two years of water, other states not far behind (Water Online)

Each drought-afflicted state is unhappy in its own way. Just ask federal meteorologist Brad Rippey, who outlined the difficulties of U.S. water scarcity in a recent interview published by 24/7 Wall St.