February 15th, 2007

January 16, 2007--A positive start (Pueblo Chieftain)

[EDITORIAL] Gov. Bill Ritter has pledged to support several measures important to Pueblo and Southern Colorado.

January 15, 2007--Bluff and bluster (Pueblo Chieftain)

[EDITORIAL] The Springs is being sued for violations of the federal Clean Water Act...The suits stem from a series of raw sewage spills and the release of excessive chlorine and nonpotable water into Fountain Creek by Colorado Springs Utilities. Colorado Springs' filing contends that its releases have had little, if any, measurable adverse impact on the creek.

January 15, 2007--Blizzards fill up Plains reservoirs (Pueblo Chieftain)

For only the second time, Denver Water's reservoirs gained storage during the month of December, thanks to the back-to-back snowstorms. The last time that happened was when the 1982 Christmas blizzard hit the Front Range...After years of drought, the two river basins on the Eastern Plains are both well ahead of the rest of the state, which averages 98 percent.

January 14, 2007--Committee searches for funds to launch water-quality study (Pueblo Chieftain)

A $250,000 fund to identify regional water needs in the Arkansas basin could evaporate if it's not used in the next two years.

January 14, 2007--Reservoir expansion gets support (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Rio Grande Basin Roundtable voted to support a project that would increase the water-storage capacity of Rio Grande Reservoir. The San Luis Valley Irrigation District wants to enlarge the reservoir, located near the headwaters of the Rio Grande near Creed, by approximately 11,000 acre-feet...The expansion would accommodate more users and broaden recreational opportunities.

January 14, 2007--Colorado City intends to double water storage (Puebleo Chieftain)

Colorado City took a step toward doubling its water storage as developers deeded land to the metro district for a future reservoir north of Lake Beckwith...Colorado City will not claim any new water rights for the reservoir, but will be able to store more of the water to which they are legally entitled...The metro district currently has 1,000 acre-feet of storage in Lake Beckwith, along with six w

February 11, 2007--Water Activities: Use a Shovel or Pencil (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Arkansas Basin Roundtable will look at three funding proposals this week that pose questions of whether a new source of state funding should be applied to a project affecting a small area, a plan that covers a wide part of the valley or in a way that helps the state as a whole and may benefit farmers down the road...Voting to move all three projects to the full roundtable...The Round Mountain

February 13, 2007--Watershed Meetings Should be Open to Public (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

[EDITORIAL]...Members of the public in this valley have a great deal at stake in the nonbinding development plan being created with Genesis Gas and Oil. It is their water at issue. That's why it's welcome news that the working group negotiating the development plan is at least considering the possibility of allowing the public and press to attend its meetings.

February 13, 2007--The Recently Wet Southwest (Cortez Journal)

[COMMENTARY] ...Measuring a drought is surprisingly difficult; it depends on who you ask and how you choose to measure.

February 10, 2007--Task Force Feels Growth's Impact Creek's Top Issue (Pueble Chieftain)

A committee looking at water quantity on Fountain Creek identified impervious surfaces created by more growth in Colorado Springs as the most serious issue affecting the controversial waterway...More parking lots, homes and streets will cause stormwater to run off more quickly into the creek rather than filtering into the ground.