February 14th, 2007

February 7, 2007--Storage, Arkansas Valley's Future Tied in Water Bill (Pueblo Chieftain)

Water users who thought they were investing in water storage want to see more guarantees for future space in Lake Pueblo under proposed federal storage legislation...The bill would remove language about the Preferred Storage Options Plan developed over the past 10 years by the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District...The legislation includes the interests of the Lower Arkansas Valley Wat

February 4, 2007--Those Who Try to Define the End of a Drought May be all Wet (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

...Measuring a drought is surprisingly difficult. It depends on who you ask and how you choose to measure...There are no fewer than seven drought indices in use today...Much of the difficulty on calling a drought --or its end--centers on the larger question of what is "normal" precipitation.

February 10th

February 8, 2007--Adapt for Climate Change, Paper Urges (Denver Post)

Countries and communities need to become better at handling normal climate variations--dry years and wet ones...Energy policy changes could make it less hot a century from now, but people are already dying from floods, tropical diseases and crop failures related to capricious weather...Helping vulnerable people become more resistant to today's weather problems will also help them deal with a warme

February 7, 2007--Blue Mesa Level Right on Track (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

Thanks to some foresight last spring by the Bureau of Reclamation, Blue Mesa Reservoir filled last summer for the first time in seven years, which makes this winter's normal drawdown seem more drastic than it actually is...After the Blue Mesa flows were cut last November for the brown trout spawn, releases were increased to reach December target elevations to prevent icing problems upstream of Blu

February 7, 2007--Dry Outlook Turned Out to be El Nino's Snow Job (Denver Post)

This season's El Nino was a typical one, but the impacts have been anything but normal in this hemisphere.

February 7, 2007--Mediator Hired for Water-Sharing Talks (Denver Post)

Locked in an almost two-year standstill, Denver Water and a coalition of Western Slope water users have hired a Washington, D.C., mediator to prod stalled water-sharing talks.

February 6, 2007--Front Range Fishes for Water Input (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

The potential for the Gunnison Basin Roundtable to participate in a Western Slope water availability study was welcome news...the Colorado Water Conservation Board in January voted to support a bill that would allow for the board to conduct a water availability study on the Western Slope ahead of any proposal to pump water from the Gunnison Basin to the Front Range...If the study gets the Legislat

February 5, 2007--State's New Governor Goes with the Flow on Water (Pueblo Chieftain)

Front Range residents favor Gov. Bill Ritter's water policies, the roundtable process and cooperative solutions to statewide water problems, according to recent polls...There is strong support for cooperation...The public does not understand water wars...The Ritter agenda corresponds to what the public wants...People support spending money for water locally, not at a statewide level.

February 4, 2007--Panel to Consider Fountain Creek Grant (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Fountain Creek Vision Task Force has applied for a $75,000 grant through the Arkansas Basin Roundtable to pay for  a professional facilitator in its quest to develop a master plan for future action on Fountain Creek...If funded, the money would go to fund the Keystone Center for running meetings of the task force to resolve issues on Fountain Creek...The task force plans to adopt a strate

February 4, 2007--Global Water Crisis Looms (Denver Post)

More than one-sixth of the world's population lacks access to safe drinking water, and more than twice that number, 2.5 billion, have inadequate water for sanitation.