Arkansas Valley

March 6, 2014--Farmers optimistic about 2014 (Pueblo Chieftain)

Farmers are as certain as farmers can be that this year will be better than the last. All indications at a still early point in the growing season are pointing toward more favorable conditions than farmers have seen in the last three years.

February 12, 2014--Flex marketing bill advances (Pueblo Chieftain)

The state House approved legislation that creates a new type of water right called flex marketing last week and sent it to the Senate. “We still believe this is a Trojan horse,” said Jay Winner of the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District.

November 1, 2013--Tipton on water (Pueblo Chieftain)

U.S. REP. Scott Tipton, R-Colo., made a pitch recently for more water storage to supply the people of semi-arid Colorado. He delivered his remarks to the House Natural Resources Committee’s subcommittee on water and power. Rep.

January 9, 2012--State closely watching Super Ditch launch (Pueblo Chieftain)

Finding a way to allow farmers to sell water to cities without giving up their water rights is a key piece of the state’s strategy to meet future water needs. “There has to be better ways of using agricultural water,” said John Stulp, water policy adviser for Gov.

January 21, 2011--Water leases extended in legislators’ proposal (Pueblo Chieftain)

Two area lawmakers are among the sponsors of proposed legislation introduced Thursday that would ease the process for and expand the length of leasing agricultural water from Southern Colorado to urban centers. Under HB1068, the state engineer would be granted authority to approve agricultural water transfer agreements lasting up to 40 years.

December 28, 2009--Irrigation regulations draw protests across valley (Pueblo Chieftain)

Irrigators from one end of the Arkansas Valley to the other have lined up to intervene in a Water Court case over compact compliance rules proposed by State Engineer Dick Wolfe. A four-week trial for the rules is scheduled to begin Nov. 16 and, if approved by Chief District Judge Dennis Maes, the Division 2 Water Court judge, they would become effective on Jan. 1, 2011.

November 16, 2009--Reliability for generations to come (Pueblo Chieftain)

A conversation last week with the Bureau of Reclamation yielded positive results for the Arkansas Valley. “I think they are starting to understand the significance of what we are trying to do, and listening to the Secretary of Interior,” Jim Broderick, director of the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District told the board Thursday.

October 1, 2009--Salazar, Markey, Bennet secure cash to clean up water wells (Colorado Independent)

As if we didn’t already know this, here’s this civics lesson again:  it does matter what committee appointments your representatives snag.

September 23, 2009--State stresses flexibility of new ag rules (Pueblo Chieftain)

Farmers in the Arkansas Valley would have several ways to comply with new agricultural rules for surface irrigation the state is planning to file in Division 2 Water Court next week. “We’re not trying to penalize one farmer over another,” State Engineer Dick Wolfe explained to a committee looking at the rules Monday.

September 10, 2009--Electricity demands tap water resources (Pueblo Chieftain)

A growing population in the Arkansas Valley will require more electricity, meaning the need for more water diverted from other uses. “One of the trends we’re starting to see in the West and Colorado is a lot of ag-to-industry transfers,” Stacy Tellinghuisen of Western Resource Advocates told the Arkansas Basin Roundtable Wednesday.

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