May 31, 2007--Rising sea levels could swallow Delta Islands (Sacramento Union)

...Scientists predict the delta's network of islands will be imperiled by the rising tides and mountain flood waters caused by global climate change. Some islands sit 25 feet below sea level, kept dry only by an aging network of fragile levees that channel snowmelt from the Sierra and hold back tidal surges from the bay.

May 19, 2007--Agency expects extreme summer drought (LA Times)

Federal meteorologists expect "extreme" drought conditions this summer in Southern California, offering more bad news for firefighters who are already dealing with record dry weather.

April 28, 2007--Shrinking sea's future in doubt (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

The Salton Sea is an incongruous sight: a huge body of water in the middle of a desert. And with good reason.

April 12, 2007--Dam it? (Durango Herald)

California finds itself forced to rethink its extensive system of capturing and delivering water. The state's expanding population is part of the reason, but it is the effects of global climate change that have given policymakers a sense of urgency. Climate change is expected to alter California's hydrology in dramatic ways.

April 1, 2007--Drought gripping entire state of California in rare pattern (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

Nature is pulling a triple whammy on Southern California this year: Whether it's the Sierra, the Southland or the Colorado River Basin, every place that provides water to the region is dry.

March 31, 2007--Sierra snowpack water content low (Durango Herald)

The water content in the Sierra snowpack is at its lowest level in nearly two decades, leading to concern that California may not be able to fulfill its water obligations to cities and farms if dry conditions persist for another year.

March 15, 2007--Groe's bill would muddy water transfers to Nevada (Tri-State Online)

Arizona lawmakers are moving to make it harder to get permission to transfer water for use in other states, a proposal motivated in part by southern Nevada's thirst for new supplies to keep up with development. Arizona law now says water can be taken out of the state for a reasonable and beneficial use in another state with a permit if approved by the Department of Water Resource's director.

March 6, 2007--L.A. facing its driest year ever (Los Angeles Times)

...Los Angeles is experiencing its driest year on record...The last time it was remotely this dry was 1924, when 2.5 inches of rain had fallen...Right now, Los Angeles' rainfall is more than 9 inches below normal.

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