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Draft Colorado Water Plan Complete!

Rising demand from population growth and industry, if continued through 2050, threatens to leave 2.5 million people in Colorado with a water supply shortfall. Unless solutions are found to meet the gap between water demand and supply, the result could be, among others, agricultural dry-up. Therefore, and in response, in May 2013 Governor Hickenlooper ordered the development of a first-ever Colorado Water Plan. In mid-November the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) sent the Governor a draft of this plan that aims to shape the future of the resource in the state. The plan, which took a year-and-a-half to craft, was a monumental and unprecedented effort that involved the work of hundreds of individuals and organizations throughout Colorado. It is generally agreed that a variety of methods will need to be included in the Plan to meet the water supply needs of the state—conservation, development of already Identified Projects and Processes (IPP’s), agricultural “buy and dry,” and development of “new supply” projects. Taken together, these are referred to as the ‘four legs of the stool.’


The embankment of Long Hollow dam is complete, construction of the project is finished, and a ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted for the Bobby K. Taylor Reservoir (Long Hollow Reservoir) in Red Mesa on October 2nd. The ceremony was hosted by the La Plata Water Conservancy District and the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority (CWRPDA).

Contribute to the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund on Your Taxes

It’s already tax season, and while you may not enjoy sending in your income taxes, you can feel good about where some of your money or tax refund is going by participating in the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund Tax Check-Off Program.


Historically heavy September rains across parts of Colorado’s Front Range were called ‘biblical’ by the National Weather Service.

Groundbreaking for Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project

On June 2nd, federal, state, and tribal officials gathered in western New Mexico to break ground for the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project.

La Plata Water Conservancy District’s Long Hollow Reservoir Groundbreaking

There was a long-awaited groundbreaking ceremony for Long Hollow Reservoir on July 10th. The project is a key component in an effort to store water for Colorado ranchers and help satisfy the state’s La Plata River obligation to New Mexico.

Ute Mountain Ute Leader, Ernest House Sr., Passes

Ernest House Sr. was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident outside of Cortez on September 17th; he was 65.


After decades of planning and years of construction, Lake Nighthorse filled in June 2011! The reservoir reached the top elevation of 6,882 feet on June 29th, storing a total of 123,541 acre-feet.


Doris BrennanHaving served 12 years on the Animas-La Plata (ALP) Water Conservancy District Board of Directors, Doris Brennan stepped down from that position this past summer.

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