June 2009

Water 101 Seminar

The Water Information Program will be sponsoring their annual Water 101 Seminar in Telluride this year. The seminar will be Friday, September 25th at the Telluride Town Hall. Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs will be the keynote speaker. For more information and/or to register call (970) 247.1302.

SWCD Board Meeting (Location TBA)

08/06/2009 10:00 am
SWCD Board Meeting (Location TBA)

Southwest Basin Roundtable Meeting (Durango, CO)

07/08/2009 2:30 pm
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Water Top of Coloradoans Concerns

Results of a recent survey conducted by Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli indicate that Colorado residents believe a dependable water supply is the most important factor for a strong economy--rating it ahead of schools, highways, and health care. Additional results indicate:

•    About three-quarters agree the state needs more water storage.

Recreation At Southwest Colorado Federal Reservoirs

Federal reservoirs in southwest Colorado include: Lemon, Jackson Gulch, McPhee, Lake Nighthorse, and Vallecito. The history of recreation at these federal reservoirs is both old and new.


Conservation measures alone could save up to 40 percent of water use and can be easily obtained without drastically altering how Coloradans take showers, wash clothes, and water their lawns, said Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) Drought Planning Chief Veva Deheza.

Water Bank Concept and Update

Eric Kuhn, General Manager of the Colorado River Water Conservation District (CRWCD), says an interstate compact call on Colorado River water users would cause chaos unless a plan can be put in place to handle the turmoil.

Rainwater Harvesting

According to Colorado water law, the State claims the right to all moisture in the atmosphere that falls within its borders and that, “said moisture is declared to be the property of the people of this state, dedicated to their use pursuant” to the Colorado constitution.

Fred Kroeger Retires From SWCD Board

After 55 years of service, Fred Kroeger has officially stepped down from the Board of the Southwestern Water Conservation District (SWCD). As he stated, “I’m ready to let others take the lead.” After all, he’s seen his life's work culminate when water began filling Lake Nighthorse.

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