Spring 2011

West Slope Roundtable Meeting (Grand Junction, CO)

05/26/2011 9:00 am

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The Statewide Water Supply Initiative (SWSI) projects that Colorado’s population will nearly double by 2050, reaching between 8.6 million and 10.5 million people.

WIP News

The Annual Children’s Water Festival will be conducted at Fort Lewis College in Durango on May 4th. Most often we seek volunteers right up to the last minute. If this is something you think you could help with, please contact the WIP at (970) 247-1302. On a separate note, initial planning for the Annual Water 101 seminar has begun.

Statewide Roundtable Summit

The governor’s point man for water issues sees the tempo picking up in the next few months. “For the last five years, we’ve been doing a slow dance, but I think the governor’s message is that time is of the essence, and we need to push forward,” said John Stulp, water adviser to Governor Hickenlooper.

Irrigation System Created Saving 20 percent of Water per Harvest

Neiker-Tecnalia (the Basque Institute of Agricultural Research and Development) has been working with Arson engineering company in the creation of an irrigation telecontrol system which will enable saving up to 20 % of water for each harvest, compared to traditional irrigation methods. With this technology, known as Aquarson, the programming of the irrigation shifts and the consumption of water are controlled in a centralized way, enabling a management based on hydraulic and energy criteria which increase the efficiency of use of the irrigation system.

Water Report: Conservation and Reuse Needed

Environmental groups have presented an alternative solution to meeting Colorado’s urban water supply gap. Conservation, reuse, sharing water resources and finding acceptable ‘smart’ projects can fill the urban supply gap identified by state studies, a report released by Western Resource Advocates, Trout Unlimited, and the Colorado Environmental Coalition claims.  The report, Filling the Gap: Common Sense Solutions to Meeting Front Range Water Needs, omits using new supplies of water and reduces the number of acceptable projects in favor of adding heavier emphasis on urban conservation and reuse. It also stresses cooperative ventures between agricultural water rights holders and cities, and using energy-efficient, environmentally responsible projects.

PAWSD--A Water Conservation Trend Setter in Southwest Colorado (by Mat deGraaf)

The Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District (PAWSD or the District) is proud of its water conservation program. As a headwaters locale, the Town of Pagosa Springs and surrounding areas are blessed with pristine and pure water resources that originate in the 2nd largest wilderness area in the lower 48.

Lake Nighthorse

A recreation plan for Lake Nighthorse continues to advance. Boat launching, angling, and swimming, however, are still about a year away. A draft recreation master plan is heading toward the Bureau of Reclamation, the federal agency which owns the Animas-La Plata Project (A-LP) of which Lake Nighthorse is a component. The Bureau must assure that the plan meets National Environmental Protection Act guidelines. A noise study that was conducted indicates that the decibel level of motorized boats on the lake will be less than the limit under state and city of Durango standards. In addition, a financial assessment of capital costs and user fees to build and maintain facilities and services is included.

Fed-State Geothermal Agreement

Federal and Colorado agencies have reached an agreement to streamline geothermal development. The deal is designed to improve cooperation and communication between the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and Colorado Department of Natural Resources when the BLM and Colorado State Land Board receive geothermal lease nominations, and when any other DNR divisions seek to convey geothermal rights. It also ensures that those obtaining leases will be notified of any state and federal rules regarding considerations such as water rights and protection of existing geothermal features.

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