American Geophysical Union

December 5, 2014--Study: California drought is the most severe in at least 1,200 years (Washington Post)

The current drought in California is the worst the state has seen in at least 1,200 years, according to a recent study published by the American Geophysical Union. Scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the University of Minnesota reconstructed California’s temperature and precipitation history back to 800 A.D. using tree ring data.

April 17, 2014--More, bigger wildfires burning western US over last 30 years (Science Daily)

Wildfires across the western United States have been getting bigger and more frequent over the last 30 years -- a trend that could continue as climate change causes temperatures to rise and drought to become more severe in the coming decades, according to new research.

December 13, 2013--NASA’s GRACE satellites show Colorado River Basin’s biggest water losses are groundwater (Circle of Blue)

As a first-ever declaration of water shortage in the Colorado River Basin approaches, water managers are paying keen attention to shrinking supplies in two bellwether reservoirs--Mead and Powell, which are both less than half full.

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