February 25, 2015--Cheap water in Arizona could hide big costs for business (Phoenix Business Journal)

Phoenix and Arizona may pride itself for the low cost of doing business, but a new report says the cost of at least one substance vital to businesses — water — is artificially low. In a Feb.

February 21, 2015--Why water scarcity is such a big problem for big business (Business Cheatsheet)

Anyone who has passed eighth grade can tell you the importance of water. It’s the sustaining force for humankind and the key resource that sustains all others we use and consume. Besides balancing each ecosystem, water is used as a means of transit, is a vital component in manufacturing, and is the main source of hydration we need to survive.

December 10, 2014--What to do when climate change poses a risk to your water supply (Guardian)

As evidence of climate change mounts, businesses across all sectors of the economy are developing strategies for identifying and avoiding the risks it poses.

December 4, 2014--Managing a river is no plain sailing--five things you need to know (The Guardian)

Many business risks stem from increasing pressures on the natural foundations of our water security: rivers, lakes and aquifers. Water scarcity or pollution can take their toll on your company’s operations and supply chains, especially if you work in (or if you invest in) the food or beverage sectors, textiles, mining or energy.

November 13, 2014--Two thirds of world's largest companies exposed to serious water risks (The Guardian)

São Paulo is the wealthiest state in Brazil. It is the pulsating heartbeat of the Brazilian economy. The state’s capital of the same name is a major driver of commercial activity. A megacity and home to 20 million people, it was at one point the largest industrial city in the southern hemisphere.

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