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August 2, 2015--Hydro-powered irrigation: Colorado makes water work (Earth Techling)

Much of the west coast’s water comes from the Colorado river, which, as its name suggests, originates high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The current drought is most severe at the end of the line in Nevada and California, but Colorado is also drying out. Restrictions on residential water use are helping, but can only do so much.

January 18, 2015--Agricultural hydropower projects coming to Colorado (Telluride Daily Planet)

A Telluride hydroelectric advocacy organization announced Thursday a $1.8 million grant awarded to the Colorado Department of Agriculture by the United States Department of Agriculture to support the development of agricultural hydropower projects in the state.

June 1, 2014--Governor signs bill aimed at streamlining hydro development (Montrose Daily Press)

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Saturday signed into law a bill designed to streamline development of new small hydropower in the state. House Bill 1030 was sponsored by Montrose’s representation in the Legislature: Rep. Don Coram, R-Montrose and Sen. Ellen Roberts, R-Durango, in addition to Sen. Gail Schwartz, D-Snowmass and Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush, D-Steamboat Springs.

May 16, 2014--Curious about small hydro? Check this out (Durango Herald)

The Colorado Small Hydro Association is holding a workshop Monday to brief irrigators about new federal and state regulations that make it easier to install water-driven power plants on agricultural canals.  “There’s definitely a potential to add a hydro system,” Sterling Moss, director of the Natural Resources Conservation Service office in Durango.

May 16, 2013--Hickenlooper directs Colorado agencies to create water plan (Denver Business Journal)

The state will start work on a new "Colorado Water Plan" to figure out how to secure enough water supplies across the state to meet urban and rural demands, according to an executive order from Gov. John Hickenlooper. The governor on Wednesday directed the Colorado Water Conservation Board to start work on the draft plan.

Pagosa Springs Geothermal Resource

The Colorado School of Mines Geophysics Department (CSM) released results of research recently conducted throughout the Pagosa Springs area. The research, conducted on the geothermal aquifer, resulted in evidence indicating a much larger and more complex system than had been previously suspected.

July 12, 2012--Pagosa in the geothermal vanguard (Pagosa Springs Sun)

Momentum regarding the development of the area’s geothermal resources has ramped up in recent weeks as research conducted on the geothermal aquifer resulted in evidence indicating a much larger and more complex system than had been previously suspected. Pagosa Country is edging closer towards making that geothermal resource the centerpiece of a larger economic development initiative.

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